Is my house not right with God?

The Everlasting Covenant ordered
in all things, and sure? ( 2 Samuel 23:5)



Creation in Genesis is an order. God orders all things into being. The universe unfolds, from chaos to creation. Revelation is an ordering of
Torah into principle teachings, ten in number, which reflect the ten utterances of creation. Freedom is also engraved upon the Tablets of the Ten Teachings, which opens the door to chaos and the shattering of our moral universe. In the end, following the example of David, we acknowledge the Tikkun of creation and revelation is found when all things are in a Seder, and sure. This is how we create The Everlasting Covenant.

David, the idyllic King, promised to be ordered in all things, and dreamed of a Temple to house his beloved Ark of the Covenant. King David desired to funnel his energy into an ordered Temple worship. He was not worthy to build the Temple, but the Messiah is a son of David who will. The First and Second Temple were built on orders from God and destroyed by orders from God, who is the Lord of history in a way that appears chaotic to the mind. Strange to moderns is the idea that the nations are agents of God’s wrath against a Sinning Israel. Is God responsible for the nightmare of history? Were the Nazi’s divine agents?

Moderns rightly question the assumption that God orders the persecution of the children of Israel. We have no prophets in our time who explain the chaos and idolatry of power in the nightmare that is history. The news is always bad. Jerusalem is a city at war. Israel struggles with the irrational hatred and violence of her neighbors. Do the modern day children of Israel provoke God’s anger and wrath, as a returned Jeremiah might well preach?

We do well to focus on other dimensions of prophetic teaching, including God’s love of Israel and the dreams of a messianic future. For the Rabbi’s The Messiah Son of David would restore the order of the past and bring to an end the chaos of history. The Temple will be rebuilt and the final chronicling of history will be a fulfillment of the prophetic dream of peace and wisdom and prosperity for all nations. In the meantime we all live in the whirlwinds of events that is the bad news of daily living. Our only solution is personal and domestic, the ordering of our tables into altars. The question of our exalted leader remains.

Is my house right with God? Is the Covenant ordered in my life, and sure?