Final Beliefs: Repetitions (Scripts for A Conversation; in 18 parts)

Part 1.

“The prologues are over. It is a question now of Final belief. So, say that Final Belief must be in a fiction. It is time to choose. ” Wallace Stevens

Part Two:

Shalom Shalom A number of years ago the phone company made a mistake and listed me as Reverend not as Rabbi Alpern. I decided not to correct the mistake. Call it providence. Call me the very Rabbi. Call me A Rose rabbi I pursue the origin and course of a God Named AHVH. Say Ah Say Ha Say va The Love, God.

Part Three.

Call me apostate. I am no one’s apostle. Call me pagan For I am a country dweller A person down to earth And now An Arête dweller. Call me. We need to talk. Why else send this love letter out into the world?

Part Four:

My main rabbinic mentor, Edwin H. Friedman O.B.M. taught that great courage is required to be a leader. Ordering the chaos of religions or politics or the various healing traditions requires a strong sense of self. All leadership begins with the management of one’s own personal health, physical and mental. All leadership demands to the individual to be different. To be strong and of good courage we turn to the head. Clear vision and an articulation of mission are essential. The good rabbi asks each and every one of us to write our “I have a dream speech” speech. Thinking often becomes gridlocked in the quest for self and meaning. Many are stuck on the search for new answers to old questions when they would do better to reframe the questions. So let us go now and transcend the tedious arguments of doctrine and declare our personal independence. It is certainly true that religions like people get lost. The same may be said about political movements and traditions of psychotherapy. So we are here to discuss beliefs and values and a reorientation to reality. In Rabbi Friedman’s world we move beyond learning to self-definition, a declaration of our final beliefs. We write about what we treasure the most, what we would give our lives for, or sell our souls for. My Rabbis greatest insight concerns final answers and ambiguity. Beware of the oracles. Only poets are unafraid of ambiguity. Being the leader of your own life is inspired by leaders who disavow all followers. Leaders; understand that the only way to preserve your ideas, is to keep them to yourself. Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, all of blessed memory, looking at the modern religions taught in their names, heartily agree. So too Marx and Freud. I have been blessed with the mentorship of the great Rebbe’s of modern times. David Hartman taught me how to think as a rabbi and philosopher. Zalman and Franz Kafka taught how to update and live a Chassidic lifestyle that became my Kabballah. Bloom guided me through the romantics and taught the meaning of genius. Still; if all my teachers were on one scale of a balance, and Ed Friedman on the other, he would outweigh them all. If all my mentors including Friedman were on one side of a scale and Wallace Stevens on the other; well, they just might be in perfect balance. As you well know from my other writings I have duly ordained Stevens, as I have Kafka, for they are among my main rabbi’s. So why is Stevens the Rebbe of all my Rabbi’s? First, he declares that nothing is Final, putting this Test A mentor in his place. I heard and obeyed Ralph Waldo and wrote my bible, fact and fiction, and note rabbi Wallace’s clarification. Now Theo this is all a type of human arcana, understandable to a hand full, but what may we say? Only a handful read. The sound of. Hark. The final test A men. To a t. Two hands clapping.

Five: The Y to J

The Rabbis speak of the yoke of the Torah. and the yoke of the kingdom of heaven. Since even scholars get flummoxed on this y and j Joke yoke Let us pray: YHVH: Yould Hey Vav Hey O great ya Who Va Of shepherd and cowboy. Dancing round the campfire. We the people of the earth. All yaw whos. Am A Ha Aretz. Yippy ya yo ka yeah. Or as the Germans say Ja whoe va Jippy jah jo ka jay Oy And they still hate the Yuden. They cannot uncast their spell. Y? J.

Part Six:

The New Ya, the New World? Novus Ordo? The Old. Cold. Dead. No. New. Bedrock. Stories. Testaments. The Last Will. And Darkening. The West Is dying. In its New. Even Captain America. So? New New Thus says this rebel lion: Repeat. Renew. Transform. We are the down to Earth The People of Adama. Our bloods cry out. Back in our land. No longer the lamb. Find someone else to sacrifice. I turn East. I need a rest From the West.

Seven: The Final?

Nothing is final. We are not tied to words. or religion. The illiterate teach by recitation. But the miracle is: The conversation. This conversation. We have latter day saints And not only in the salty city. The people of the earth are ready to give birth. to themselves. The Am A The people A The Final Belief On Mountain A. What more can I say?

Eight: The Circumcised Heart

So my Jeremiah’s Is the Messiah a heart surgeon? And does the new replace the old? Will you circumcise my lips? So I may reveal more than Moses? I chant re re And new new. Torah from A to B. Sing it bold.

Part Nine: Half Way Home

O Theo, my Theo We are half way home Half way up the mountain In Teferet. The Final Age is here. Beyond belief. All my Teachings; Repetition. Torah. So now Our Declaration of Independence. From slavery to freedom. American dream. Freedumb. Everything to lose. Till we declare. The people, not the flag. The Great Seal: Rebellion to tyrants Means being Rebel Lions Living in Lion Love Meaning Obedience to God Meaning The Final Covenant One to One Freedom from religion. Freedom from the state. Self-evident truths. Off the couches and into the street!

Part 10.

 Beloved In Tens.  All or nothing? 1 or 0? 10 are 1 in 10. Past. Present. And Future. Tense.

Part 11. Announcing The R.E.A.L And Realigion.

God is living. Religion death. We teach Re(A)ligion A=Amagination God talk is poetry, for better and for worse. One Mountain. A. Many paths. The A ascent is to Arête. The Ten Teachings are one, or decadence. The One Teaching, A T.O.E. Science you feel in your G.U.T. Digest. Listen.

Part 12:

The Real. Politic Again, A polite yes to politics. Redemption of the body politic is by the people. Realpolitics manifests the primacy of the individual over the State. Real politics announces life. Real political power is self-control. Save your own body first. Liberty from politics is true happiness.

13. Realpolitik

All politics are on trial in K. Amerika. Not yet a democracy. Attica and Abu Ghraib our legacy. See the Manifestos. All power is vested in the people, who declare A Second Bill of Rights: The right to real work and realistic wages. The right to fair competition. The right to a descent home. The right to medical care and good health. The right to social security. The right to a good education.

14: This IsReal : Manifesto of Our Destiny

The final manifestation of our destiny is described by the first Zionist, Isaiah, who envisions a world where we learn war no more. The American Religion is a reliving of Israelite history. The colonies united to form a more perfect union but split in a civil war that divided the heart of our nation. Whenever the Children of Israel are unable to grow up and be a holy nation, (the Adults of Israel ), in a holy land, they are exiled. America, Israel, awaken to this truth. The Final Frontier of becoming One World remains our destiny. The United States of America will be the model for The United Nations of Zion of the Final age. Our planet will be renamed Oceana Pacifica, a pacified Earth. The Torah tradition that the earth will be transformed into Paradise is true, as I have heard from heaven. In the end the poetry of the prophets is triumphant. Future leaders renounce all followers.

15:Real ity

Reality is personal. A person stands with mind over heart and heart over intimate parts. Let the heavens rule. Our Temples are surrounded by seven gates. Two see, two hear. Two smell and one speaks. We are of three minds, the Genesis serpent at the base, the mammalian, and the Theo cortex. The brain is in the body and the body in the brain. All cells and organs are not created equal. Dare to be different. In the mind of Torah one may see the thunder and hear the lightning. Receptor cells are all kabballahistic. Psychology? Imagination heaven. The Body Earth. As it is. I am. Therefore I question.

16: Final Belief is Beyond Credo and Doctrine

Be live in the Temple of your mind. Beyond doctoro, Ten Words sublime. Belive Zion, in Jerusalem, Struggle ends, all is real, then. Belive in holy of holies, A living room, in that It is where you hang a picture, and your hat. Belive your doorposts marked with words,  A muse, the joy, of household God. Belive the blessed virgin birth Every mothers smile and baby’s mirth. Belive Eternal Promised Land Holy ground is where you stand.

17: The Final Age Testament.

The Final belief is in Torah, Aura, Light, revelation. Torah radiates, dims, is shadowed, and arranges as an order of words, on parchment, page or screen. Black on white. Portraits of reality require us to add color. The mind of God is always expressed as a spectral emanation from the minds of women and men. This is what the Rebbe means when he teaches that God and the Imagination are one. Torah starts as a sketch, black fire on white. Torah becomes revelation only when it is explained. Rebbe Friedmam is right. All of the light and delight of Torah is in the interpretation. In fact, God created humans mainly because she loves stories. Some are called old. Others claim to be new.

The Final Belief :

by creative reading, all will be renewed. This is the essence of the Final Age Testament. If creating a final bible means I have created a new religion, so be it. I remain a J.U. A Jew And A Universalist.


 18. A Review: Ten Questionings to the End.

1.) Religion? Realigion.

2.) Politics? Again, A polite yes. Redemption is of the people.

3.) Psychology? Imagination Heaven, the Body Earth. As it is.

4.) Spirituality? Soul without Body? Death

5.) Judaism? Judaism’s, includes the Christianity’s and Islam’s. The Rock. Foundations. Stories.

6.) The Messiah? Opens your grave to immortality.

7.) Suffering Servant? A and every person.

8.) The Messianic Era? Messiah anoints the many into the body of salvation.

9.) Israel? The Map redrawn: The world Israel; Israel Jerusalem; Jerusalem Zion; Zion Holy of Holies.

10.) Zionism? Nations united to live Isaiah’s teaching of war no more.

The Ten Final Truths of Kabballah

1.) In the End, we begin again, as in the reading of the Torah scroll. Creation is revelation is redemption and all roll into one as we exit final Egypt.

2.) Torah’s Kabbalah Truths are fundamental. Fundamentalism on the other hand is the waste product, the certainty that destroys. (Sod, Strange Worship, Idealotory.)

3.) God’s Final Name is Aleph- Hay- Vav- Hay- pronounced Ah-ha-va. Love, God.

4.) Shabbat is redemption within history the paradigm for Redemption from history.

5.) Honor your parents’ religion and embrace Realigion, The Amen Sealah.

6.) The map is misread and diagramed into three trinities with a gilded Crown. Kaballah disciples are lost in this decadence. Freedom is engraved clearly on The Tablets. True Kabballah (Torat Emet) is not Mysticism.

7.) Adulterated, basics become secrets.

8.) Not giving with both hands (a tenth) is thievery.

9.) True Realigion Witnesses: All Neighbors

10.) Being after the Tradition, Announce the Tikkun of The Original Broken Tablets, The Final Tablets teaching Atonement. See below The A Ascent: