Attica Attica 2020:

A.K.A. Confessions of a Prison Rabbi 


“Attica is every prison and every prison is Attica.”





I begin with the provocative to inspire a response.

This is no sermon.

Let the discussion begin.



A Ten Point Attica Manifesto


1.)  “Attica” is manifested to turn heads and save lives.

Insurrection is always possible. Stop. Look. Listen. Talk.

2.) Prison reform is a process and will continue until we have no need

for incarceration. There is no quick fix.

3.) Prisons are penitentiaries. Along with other programs inmates must learn a law-abiding ethic before release. Torah!

4.) Every prison will establish a University Within Walls. A secure Internet connection to educational resources is a right of every inmate working towards rehabilitation.

5.) “Corrections” is always in need of correction. Examine every premise. By example, more security forces may lead to less safety for staff and inmates. Those with experience in the system understand. Criticism is constructive.

6.) An open forum on preventing future Attica’s is a must. Let the blog begin. Now in 2017 we are three years to 2020 and four to the 50th Anniversary. Respond!

7.) Release non-violent offenders. Today! Cages are for containing the violent.

8.) Move all non-violent drug offenders to neighborhood treatment centers.

9.) Set up job training for upstate and downstate prison employees who are put out of work as prisons are downsized.

10.)  Vote politicians out of office who support the status quo. No pork. No future Attica’s. Save billions.