Aikido Feet  


(Ten Theories Of Everything)



The sound of one hand clapping?


Slap your own face.


Turn the other cheek.


Awaken the Ai.



Learn this Torah Teaching:




Five into five.


The Big Bang renamed:




Love The Word that is God.


The original sounds:


Ah ha.


Heaven to Earth.




Two feet dancing:


Two hands clapping.


Ah ha va


Say it aloud!


The Love God.


Applause. Applause.


Now pause.



Balance your yin into your yang.


Walking; the ten toes grasp:


Grounding; connect head heaven to feet earth;


Mind to heart to torso center.


Time transcended in joining.


Two legs supporting the world,


Accepting the world


Yinyang and Yangyin


Become procreators


Akido feet.


Tatami tough.


Ten toes.


Beginning with the two big T.O.E.’s


Theories of Everything:


  • I am the I am (Ai)
  • The Dance is two feet moving, ten toes wiggling, on a mat. The world.