Understanding, Accepting. Inspiring. These are just a few of the words that help describe Rabbi Alpern and his wife,Karen. Together they have made our family and even stronger and more caring unit. The compassion and understanding they have continued to exhibit have helped shape our family’s thinking and way of life. Their acceptance of a variety of beliefs and customs has proven to be beneficial to us as well as to our loved ones. As we prepared to marry, Rabbi Alpern and his wife provided guidance, wisdom, and advice to make a plan for our ceremony. With their support we had a beautiful and memorable day that included both of our religious traditions. Rabbi Alpern’s inspiring thoughts have graced our family as we celebrated our precious son’s baby naming ritual. We are grateful to have found the rabbi and his wife. We look forward to many more celebrations with them. Thank you.

We hope you are well.
Happy New Year

Mark, Mary and now, baby Eli!