Shalom. This Seder is the order for a home service to welcome the Sabbath. The phrase “Shabbat Shalom” expresses the essence and uniqueness of our tradition. Shalom means greetings and Peace. A wonderful Peace is experienced when we transform our dining room table into an altar. The wine is poured, the grail cup lifted, and sanctification recited. Our hearts are in our homes and our homes become Temples as the prosaic week is transformed by the poetry of Shabbat. This is why The Sabbath is included in the Ten Commandments, and why we refer to our Temple as Temple Shabbat Shalom.

The Seder

1.)  The Candles

2.)  Family Blessings

3.)  Kiddush

4.)  Wash Hands

5.)  Motzi (break bread) Table conversation  (Altartalk)

6.)  Readings

7.)  Grace and seven blessings  


The Candles


We delight in the Sanctity of your day, Dear God, as we place your teachings on our hearts. We remember by the flame of each light our individuality and the illumination of our traditions. We are romanced by your teaching of covenant love and its weekly renewal in this Sabbath ritual.

 We ask you to bless … , our family and friends and all of humanity with peace in our hearts and homes and lands. We pray for the Sabbath of history when nations learn war no more and all receive their daily bread. Amen. Sealah.

We now acknowledge you, Lord our God, who instructs  us to Remember and Observe The Sabbath by lighting these candles.

Baruch ata adoneigh Elohaynew melech haolam asher kidshanu

b mitzvotav v itzevanu ladleak nair shell Shabbat.

Family blessings 

Traditionally we bless our sons to be like the sons of Joseph and our daughters to be like the matriarchs (you may use all the blessings for sons and daughters, and/or one another).

May you be inspired by God to be like Ephraim and Manasseh

To be a parent of many, like Father Abraham

To be inspired with the awe of Isaac

To triumph in every struggle like Jacob, who then earned the name Israel

May you have the wealth worldliness and wisdom of Joseph

For in his children’s names we bless our children to this day.

(Add other role models)

May your life be filled with:

The laughter and love of Sarah

The vision of Rebecca

The modesty and radiance of Rachel

And the kindness of mother Leah.

(Add other role models)

We continue with the blessings of Aaron:

May God bless and protect all that we do

May Gods light guide us on a Path of Grace.

May we catch a glimpse of Gods Presence

and be  illuminated with Peace.


This Kiddush once again announces our weekly honeymoon with one another and with our Creator.

(Raise Kiddush cup)

Our Table is set and ordered and we invite You, Lord of The Sabbath, to our meal, set upon Your Altar, where all mysteries are revealed.

This is The Holy grail of your Holy Meal, The Cup of Salvation,

A Cup of Immortality, where Eternity is poured into a moment,

And weekly announces our coming Final Age of Freedom.

This Kiddush promises Shalom and Redemption

As we Remember and Observe your command

And drink deeply from the Cup of Liberation and Joy.

(A Full Kiddush may be recited in Hebrew and English.)

Baruch ata adoneigh Elohanu melech haolam bo ray pri ha gafen.


May our wisdom in time

Ripen as the fruit of the vine


The Motzi

All wash hands.

Baruch ata adoneigh Elohanu melech haolam ha motzi lechem min ha



We are fed

Satisfied with our portion

As we break this bread.

All who hunger

We invite to this Holy Meal.


Shabbat dinner is served.



During and after the meal is for Altartalk, a time of sanctified speaking and singing. Traditionalists discuss the weekly Torah portion and prophetic reading. Include the wisdom literature of your canon. Remember wisdom is discovered in the power of questioning and the highpoint of every Seder is the asking of questions. Elijah the prophet may even show up, as tradition teaches, if your questions merit his answers. Elijah also comes to turn the hearts of parents to their children and children to parents. Bridge the generation gap with your Altartalk.


Inviting The Presence to your Table:

 “Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai said;” Three who eat at one table and engage in Altartalk places God at their table as Ezekiel teaches;

“This is The Table in The Presence of The Lord.”

Rabbi Chalfta adds,”How do we know this applies to two? Malachi teaches: “Those who revered The Lord spoke to one another.”

How do we know the above applies to one?

 Moses teaches, after the Ten Principle teachings Exodus 20:24)

 “In every place my Name is mentioned

I will come to you and bless you.”


Psalm One: a Poetic Translation

Happy, Indeed, are The Couple

Who embrace

A tradition

Walking in The Way

Of the wise.

They delight in the path of creation

Bringing forth fruit like trees

Planted by flowing wellsprings

Our roots entwine and branches proclaim

The Secret of The Garden:

The Tree of Knowing A Tree of Life

To know and to be

Come together as one

In the saying, and

The song of the Psalm.

Shabbat Seder Grace

This is a supplement to birchat ha mazon.

We have eaten, we are satisfied, and we bless You, Lord of The Sabbath, comforter of Zion, for prosperity, life, peace and all that is good. With You as Shepard we lack nothing.

May the All-merciful reign forever and ever.

Teach us to bring Heaven down to Earth.

Grant us an honorable livelihood.

Break the yoke off our back and grant peace and security to our land and the entire world.

May the All-merciful send blessings to this Home;

And this Table we have dedicated as Your Altar.

Send us Elijah the prophet with the good news of Salvation and comfort.

Mat the All-merciful bless those at this table; (Each person offers a personal prayer in the form)

May The All- merciful………………

Finally we pray for that time which is continually Shabbat and rest and peace in the coming world of salvation.

Grant us life in the days of the Messiah and The World to Come.

Give us strength.

Bless us with Shabbat Shalom.

Rekindling The Seven Blessings

1.)  This Cup of Blessing is a renewal of the vows and covenants of our marriage.

2.)  May the veil lift once again as we witness the glory of the Coming of The Bride.

3.)  On this night we find our Shalom; our humanness and wholeness, beings, created in your Image.

4.)  By the Light of Your Eternal True Teachings we reenter Eden.

5.)  My children, may the world experience the joy and Peace of this Home.

6.)  May The Shalom of this Shabbat illumine a path for Peace on Earth.

7.)  May we all experience the joy of Zion as we hear in every city and alley the rejoicing of bride and groom under the Chuppah.  O Lord our God, spread your Canopy of Peace over all of humanity as we prepare for the Age that is all Shabbat and Shalom.   Amen. Sealah Baruch ata adoneigh elohanu melech haolam boray pri hagafen.