The Feast before the Fast: A Yom Kippur Seder

Our sages teach (Brachote 8b) that eating and drinking the evening before Yom Kippur is equal to fasting on The Day of Atonement. This reminds us that Yom Kippur is a holyday and a holiday. Rejoicing on a holiday is celebrated by eating and drinking. We sit at this Seder wearing white in anticipation of being forgiven for our transgressions. May this meal remind us that our homes are holy and our tables’ altars when we order our eating according to Gods teachings. This is a true Seder.

The Festival Lights for The Day of Atonement

Kavvannah: Tender Parent of mercy and forgiveness, forgive our trespasses, purify our hearts, send healing. By your light may we see the light and delight in your teachings. Amen. Sealah.

Remember us for life, for you desire life, inscribe us in your book of life.

Light the candles and say:

Baruch ata adonigh alohaynew melech haolam Ahshare kidshanu bmitzvotav vitzivanu L hadleak ner shel Yom Hakeypurim.
Blessed art thou O God of mercy for lighting our path with this light in honor of The Day of Atonements.


Baruch ata adonigh alohaynew melech haolam bo ray pri hagafen. Amen

Washing of hands

Wash and say: We lift up our hands as the priests in the Temple and proclaim our hands will be pure.
The Salt
Our prayers take the place of the sacrifice and this salt proclaims our table an altar.
The Bread

This is The Bread of Atonement, our final meal. Then we will be with the angels,
fasting, in prayer and meditation calling to one another your praises.
We recite the ten words in Hebrew that promise atonement and renewal:
Baruch ata adonigh alohaynew melech haolam ha motzi lechem min ha aretz.
Blessed art Thou O Lord Our God who will bring us forth like bread from the

The Four Exclamations:

How different this night is from all other nights!

1.) On all other nights we eat until we are satisfied. Tonight we over eat.

2.) On all other nights we wear garments of any color, on this night we wear
white, the color of atonement.

3.) On this night we proclaim our meal sacred by asking one another for
forgiveness. Stand and embrace.

4.) On this night we proclaim the word to Jonah: We pray for the peace
of all humanity. Amen. Sealah


Recite full grace after meals or:

We have eaten, and we are satisfied and bless You.

Devar Torah (Discuss)

Isaiah 57:14- 58:14

Now it is time to find a minyan for Kol Nidray.
If you are unable to attend a service call me today and we will create a service for
you. Rabbi Alpern