Rabbi Laurence Aryeh Alpern



I am happy to announce my 40th year as a Rabbi.

I retired from my state chaplaincy after thirty years to focus on Temple Shabbat Shalom and to edit my writings. See the Autobiography of A.

I have been in the Albany/Saratoga area of New York for over thirty years, serving Conservative congregations until I founded Temple Shabbat Shalom.

While doing post graduate Family Therapy training, studying the interfaith phenomena I came to understand that couples from different religions deserved a Rabbi as a mentor. 

We are here for you after you are married. The mission of Temple Shabbat Shalom is clearly explained on this website. Explore! Connect! Make contact!

If you have questions about the Temple, or are interested in having Rabbi Alpern participate in your life cycle event, please call (518) 893-0808 today.