We create the word responsA to represent a new reality.

A responsa with a small “a” is plural of responsum, the answers a learned rabbi gives to religious queries.

Building on this definition, a ResponsA is also a response to the “A” ,our glyph for God, Revelation, and ReAligion.

ResponsA is the essence of Torah.

You are required to respond. You are the task. We must hear your voice. The Oral Tradition is a never ending conversation.

Literally, The Oral Tradition is Torah that is mastered by the mouth, Torah Shbaal Pe.

Mastery is a paradox in a never ending process, and means simply entering the conversation, and being responsive to the teachings of Torah, which is seen as a gift from God.

Being a Kabballahist means being receptive to this gift by joining the conversation.

Another paradox of the Oral Tradition is the teaching that the conversation was not to be written. This is not taken literally, but is a reminder that the Oral tradition continues Revelation in every discussion and ResponsA.

This is why every text is a Miqr’ot Gedolot, an ever enlarging text of discussion awaiting your response.

The open space on this page is your invitation. Respond.

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