The Bible is a portable library containing many books and authors. You do not read a library. You do not assume every book is in harmony with every other book. You understand that the fiction wing of the library gives flight to truth as well as the non- fiction wing. In fact, alighting on only one wing you will naturally fly only in circles.

So we begin, in the beginning, with the Book of Genesis. Did I write book? Wrong. We begin with the Scroll of Genesis or more accurately again with The Scrolls of Genesis. As we unroll we discover a scroll within the scroll, as “Creation” is repeated three times. Why?

Scholars identify the author of the first account of creation as a Priest who is called P. The Second author is called J. All who call this author J add to a farce since she should be identified as Y. Why? Hebrew has no J. German has J. They create this author in their own image and do not get her name or initial right. She may have been the greatest literary talent of the ages and we call her J. Jumping Jehovah.

If you desire to obtain the key to the Five Books of Moses read Deuteronomy.

The key to The Five Books of Laurence is found in Final Kabballah.

My main task as masterteacher?

This mentor will teach you how to read and acquire wisdom according to the power of your question ings.

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