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A Macher, in Yiddish is a maker, a shaker and mover, a V.I.P.
anyone who makes things happen, for better or for worst. In the Jewish community it is not an easy job being a machor. When a machor sees the Rabbi and Temple President approaching they are tempted to turn their pockets inside out, as if to say, “ You have taken all my extra money, what else do you want?”

Our appeal at Temple Shabbat Shalom is for your time and your personal commitment to observance. Half of our congregation is Christian, and this appeal is to you also. This is not a united appeal for money but a plea that you be a real macher. This website is designed to inspire personal religion.
Everything here is a guide to make things happen in your inner life.

Step One is Torah literacy. Our task is to teach you how to read and be receptive to the truths of the teachings. Just being here is enough to start your journey.

Begin by plugging in to the weekly portion offered as a gift by our tradition.
Click here for this weeks Parsha (Portion). Navigate thorough this site and learn the skills of critical reading. Make a list of Ten Questions on every Torah portion and prophetic reading. The beginning of wisdom is mastering the art of questioning.

I believe with perfect trust in the prophecy of Isaiah that one day every individual will return to rituals that sanctify time and the Sabbath, when we receive a Revelation by studying the teachings. When all are literate and versed in the daily and weekly portions they will create wisdom strung together around the cycle of the year like a strand of pearls. We cast these pearls into our blog pearls of wisdom. Thus begin the work of the real macher.

One of our principle teachings is to find a Master teacher (Rabbi), and then acquire a chaver. A Chaver is a friend who is a study partner, or part of a Chavurah, a group dedicated to home and personal religion. For married couples your mate is also a chaver.

One reading of Chaver includes the books of your library, make them your best friend.


“Acquire” in the original Hebrew text means even by a business transaction, in other words hire a tutor. You are the task. Your community is now as close to you as your fingertips. Join our blog. Sanctify the Temples of your mind.

Next come heartwork, prayer. The Torah requires heart and work.

Aside from community prayer worship is a personal responsibility. How are we to respond? The prayer book fixes and orders a Seder of prayers in a book, a Siddur. We rearrange these duties of the heart into thematic home prayer and worship. Prayer is a Commandment in our tradition, one that begins with you. Contact me for personal guidance or workshop information.

Another of the Commandments of our tradition is for the ultimate macher of ancient times, the Cohen, to bless the people. This is a poetic translation of the Blessing:

May the Lord bless and protect you
May the Lords radiance and presence be your education and dedication.
May the Lord turn to you a vision of the presence which is Peace.

I believe that in our time we are all called to be leaders and bless one another with this ancient priestly benediction. The threefold blessing inspires the pursuit of Peace in our hearts, our homes, and our houses of worship. A Rabbi is not a Priest. A Rabbi is a teacher who trains all to find the leader within. In prayer this means recreating, by words, the workings of creation, following the example of our Creator. This is how we remake our world and become real machers.

Once you are on the path of homemade Torah you will want to share your wisdom and knowledge and understanding with others. Your religion will be self defined. You will spend the better part of your day in the pursuit of Wisdom and receive the gift of peace of mind. You will tithe your time and money and remake your life and personality. You will support the good work of Temple Shabbat Shalom, and I thank you.

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