What is the future of religion?

Will we all attend mega churches or Temples with celebrity preachers and a variety show liturgy?

We do not know. This is the trend.

We agree with Noam Zion of The Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem that we must change our focus to a do-it-yourself approach.

Empowerment means being the leader of your own life in exercise and prayer and eating and ritual observance. In this the Home is seen as a primary sanctuary, along with our bodies.

What is the future of the Jews?

Same answer, with the addition of our Chief Rabbi in America, Jacob Neusner:

“The plain fact is the future of American Jewry
will not be decided by the synagogues, Federations, Centers, Committees, or Anti Defamation League, nor by raising billions for

The future, for better or for worse will be decided by our ideas.

The third generation erected a building.
Now is the time to place a foundation under that building.
That foundation does not take dollars, but ideas.

We agree with the Chief Rabbi, and add that the two primary ideas are
personal affirmation and home made religion.

This is the future as envisioned by Temple Shabbat Shalom.

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