A Mountain

The A Mountain. Alpha. Aleph. Arête.

Turn it, Tip it, Flip it!

This Torah is from Heaven.

The Aleph on the A Mountain.

A to Zion.

All religion is a rereading of the Sinai event.

The Old Time religions are renewed in our vision into Final Promised Land!

The A Mountain has more than one ascent.

In the west we climb with Torah – or Testaments or Quran in hand.

A Garden crowns the peak at the A mountain.

The Original Tree still grows in the midst of the garden.

Truly the branches touch the heaven and the roots hold together the Heaven and Earth.

Theo as you well know

The shift into the Final Age has been happening for a time.

Poetprophets see the vision, not religious pundits.

Without the poets I would be more lonely than Franz Kafka.

Ordained in his vision, Rabbi Stevens,

I stand on your shoulders.

You inspire this Kabballah, on the Mountain,

that takes the place of the Poem.

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