Rabbi will Perform Wedding Ceremonies



(After 40 years of service i am retiring, so i will happily help you find clergy who fit the description below:)

Rabbi Alpern works with you to make your wedding service creative and memorable. Rabbi Alpern’s professionalism and expertise gives you peace of mind on your special day. A personalized creative wedding ceremony is the starting point for every memorable wedding. Every word spoken should reflect the thoughts and feelings of bride and groom. A canned service from the  Rabbi’s manual or a bland service by a Justice of the Peace just doesn’t cut the wedding cake. A wedding officiate, versed in the process of creating your own personalized ceremony is essential  Officiates offer a broad outline and guide you in your choices. For example, you may decide on creative readings instead of, or supplementing, traditional readings.

I kindly offer you this free Wedding Ceremony Seder

Jewish Interfaith WeddingCall 518-779-4910 today,and i will help you find clergy for your big day.. Remember, no two couples are exactly alike, so every ceremony needs to be personalized. Clergy officiants can help with this process. Why not include your family and friends in the ceremony instead of having them act as passive bystanders? Perhaps some personal promises to one another in addition to traditional vows could be included.

Rabbi Alpern only takes couple willing to fully invest in their marriage for the rest of their lives. The wedding day is a magical day but it’s the years afterwards that really matter when you’re about to make a lifelong commitment. Performing wedding ceremonies is something Rabbi Alpern takes very seriously (with a smile) so if you’re looking for a Rabbi to guide you on the wedding day and many years to come, please contact him. If you’re looking for a Rabbi to perform just the ceremony, he will be more than happy to make a referral.

Of course, Rabbi Alpern is available for gay weddings (as long as you’re a happy couple).


To learn more, kindly call 518-779-4910 today to discuss or send him a note below.

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