Final God?
A God
A entering Religion
Unbound, off all Altars
The Final Age Testament?
Ezras All , Redact.
Arrange for public readings.
Open your Mind, Heart, Hands
Parlors, Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues
Orthodox Christian Muslim and Jew
Eastern practitioners, eclectics
Assimilated, Agnostic, Atheist
We all have a share in the Final Age.
All people acting righteously
Inherit the Land—Forever.
Through Sealah
Our Redeemer


K. afka
Announcing Final Age®
Judgment Day.

abba abba father father
why have they rewritten thee?

Allah? Recite All-Ah

Kabba? Again. A.
Haj to binding or unbinding
Submitting to is peace
Sufi Chassid Saint dance
Seven circumambulations around the black stone
ashes ink all Holy writ.



An opening

Recite: Ah


A Final Revelation from on Top of A Mountain

Thou Shall Not cut at your own roots! Thou Shall Honor Thy Parents Religion! Thou shall practice the True Religion! Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Bahai, and yes, Buddhist and Hindu Sealahites worship with your ancestors! We all become idolaters when we abandon our heritage and lineage.

Worship in the Final Age®? Orient to Zion. Towards the Final A Mountain, Moriah. The Third Temple? Today’s sun setting on Umar’s gold-domed Shrine reveals the Eastern wing. The House for All People rises on the western part of the Mountain in the form of Sapphire translucent Tablets that give testimony to this Final Revelation. The Moon Mosque on the Mountain of the Home is for Muslim worship. All are on Zion.

Study on the Final Mountain? All the Old Testaments, redacted into the Final Age® Testament:

The Physics of Genesis
The Journeys of Exodus
The Cookbook of Leviticus
The Numbers of our Journeys
The Repetition of Old Deuteronomy

The Book of Joshua follows in Final Canon, adorned with notes and Midrash. Joshua1 sues for Peace. And Joshua2. So too Joshua3. The Amen, Sealah.

True Fundamentalists unite. Admit that the Old Kings and Old Apostles are not final models of leadership. Listen to the prophets who reutter the fundamentals of Moses.

The OldOld Testament ends with Malachi to connect to the teachings of the NewOld Testament as I have explained many times, Theophilos.

Again, as we have taught, all Four Gospel Novellas are printed in red. Redactor’s pen writes with blood. The Rose Rabbi as Jew hater is cut from Final Canon. The demonization of Pharisee and scribe ends. Reference to the Old Book of Revelation is noted, and amplified, verse by verse in Final Revelation so the Messiah triumphs over the catastrophic and mundane.

Science and Religion? When True they are One. Aleph is one Truth, as we learn in the science section of this Final Kabballah. God is found in the details, as we will explain.

The Trinity? Triangle One: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Triangle Two: Politics, Psychology, and Religion all expounded in this enlarged and ever expanding Final Age® Testament.

Break the bindings, the back of all books. All Final Age Kabballah Revelation’s are enrolled into the One Scroll – This Tree of Life for those who grasp.

Theo, the Final, Final Age® Testament is the library of teachings dedicated to your Name.


Talmud and Renewed Testament
Qu’ran in Arabic with chant
Bahai Scripture
All sacred secular text
All sacred Scriptures

The Text becomes the Tree. Again. Living teachings are drawn by the roots. The Tree offers renewed and nourishing Fruits.