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Literary Questions:


Is SeAlah a new religion?


Is The Final Age Testament fact or fiction?


When did the Final Age begin?


Are you serious, or is this all a joke?

“There are things so serious you can only joke about them”
Neils Bohr

What does Se A lah mean?

Sealah is an exclamation of the stillness after Movements,(political and religious) the laying down of arms, and the uplifting of hands and voices.

Sealah announces the end of the prosaic and the return of prophecy and poetry.

Sealah is the revelation of a scripture so clear that every reader glimpses messiah in the mirror.

Does this mean Messiah is coming?

Yes, with book in hand.

What is a Final Age Testament?

The Five Books of Laurence are a commentary on everything old and new, a redefining of basics from A to Z.
Professor Hans Kung prefaces each of his books with the teaching that we will not have Peace among the Nations until we achieve dialogue between the religions. How does reAligion fit into this?
Re A ligion and Se A lah redefine the fundamentals and foundations of religion. The Final Age Testament teaches a new vocabulary for this dialogue.

Why is Franz Kafka the key to the Final Age Testament?

Kafka may be thought of as the first modern and Jew
of the Modern (New New) Age. Rabbi Kafka taught that Religions, like people, get lost. Kafka himself was lost in the negative and became patron saint of the peculiar. Rabban taught that the Final Age moves beyond the rebellious son,

(See Kaddish for The Kafkan).

Explain The Final Tablets, The A.

If all the wisdom of the Torah is compactified and reduced to an essence, you have the Hebrew letter Aleph. This translates in English to an A.

The Letter A is the first of Ten letters that read the same from in front or behind. The Ten Utterance’s had the same quality according to Torah, which teaches that The Tablets were written on the one side and the other (KJV), which means they were readable in every direction. (Exodus 32:15). The Zohar , mirroring every humans bilateral symmetry, explains that The Tablets are like hands and fingers five on the one and five on the other. The teachings fold into one another as two hands in prayer. This creates a riddle. Depending on right or left-brains perspective we have teaching six grasping one, seven two, eight three, nine four, and ten five.

The first teaching is God, and one who takes a life diminishes the image of God. The second teaching is Truth, its negation being idolatry and adulteration. The Final Tablets are a poetic solution to the riddle. Kabballah.