The Final Age




After 2000 years


Wake Right up! Wake Right up!

The Latest Rage:

“Give me that brown bag religion”

Everyone a Sage

In this

The One – The Only

The Final Age®




And the Lord looked upon the world She had created and She was convulsed with wholly uncontrolled laughter. And She summoned Professor Higgs (who discovered The God Particle, the scalar boson) and suppressing her mirth, She dealth with him firmly and said: Wherefore has thou destroyed the symmetry of the world?

Higgs responds: “… Who could have predicted the sunsets and the oceans and the organic ooze formed by all the awful molecules agitated by lighting and heat? And who could have expected evolution and those physicists poking and probling and seeking to find out what I have, in your service, so carefully hidden?

And the Lord, hard put to stop her laughter, signed forgiveness and a nice raise for Higgs.”

The Very New Testament 3:1 by Leon Lederman


Who says the Bible is completed?

Who Wrote the Bibles?

Who (W) rote the original and Later Testaments, the so called Old and New? Many, including Moses, Joshua, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul and so on if we accept the traditional view. Who edited (rote) The Bible? Ezra (W)rote the Hebrew Bible at least the Five Books, though we do not call them The Five Books of Ezra.

Imagine Ezra sitting in an ancient dusty home library with vellum scrolls unrolled in every direction. The scrolls are stored in pottery; some shards are on the floor from broken vessels. Various Genesis scrolls are in one section, stories of the Exodus in another, Priestly Rules and Judicial laws and teachings in yet another. Ezra edits writes and commits to rote the text we use to this day. He is both genius and villain depending on perspective. The end product of the Hebrew Bible was not completed until the First century C.E. with the help of Rabbi Akiba .He insisted his erotica, The Song of Songs be included.

I am not an expert on the authorship of the gospels epistles acts and revelation of the Christian Bible. I do know Irenaus coined the term “New Testament” creating generations of strife. Bishop Eusebius created his list of the later books and they stuck until our time. Whoever edited the final version we applaud for including four sacred biographies rather than one gospel truth.

The fulcrum text from the Original for Final Testament is Genesis chapter twenty-two.

Eloheam is God, not YHVH. Eloheam Tests Father Abraham and promises that he will see to the sheep for the sacrifice, Evidently passing The Test Abraham is called a Fearer of Eloheam.Abraham then says YHVH not Eloheam appeared on Moriah .Who (W)rote this?

In verse fifteen an angel calls a second time from the heavens. This time it is the Lord (YHVH) who bestows the blessing of uncountable ancestors now that the son is not slain. I do not think unscrambling this omelet is possible. Rabban has a go at it in Final Kabballah, so you be the judge. In my opinion the chef, the original eggs and hens are not identifiable. The command is given by E and ends with Y who is called J. Every attempt at identification or pronunciation of the author’s names fails as rabbinic tradition predicts.

How we understand and read this myth is essential to the future of the western monotheisms. As Rabbi Laurence taught, religion becomes Realigion in the final age. To get real we first admit that the biblical story in Genesis 22 is not history. The text is also not his-story, meaning, God’s for between the text and its illumination fall first, redactor, and then, the reader.



Final Age Dedication: Rabbi Melville

This Final Age® Testament is and is not (A) Novel. The Five Books2 are filled with extras such as short short stories, concrete poetry, prophecy, letters, Revelations, History, Erotica, Physics, Philosophy, and what not. Like the original, this is more than a book, at one and the same time fiction and nonfiction. The Tradition continues.

And the Author? Call Me Rabbi. I am reminded of the Critics description of you, Herman, as a “Big, Bearded, violently excited man trying to shout down the whimpering lonely child in his soul.”


Why else write?

What the critics said of you, my friend, will also be said of Me: “not even a minor master.”


Great White and black lettered FAT Bibles that take from, and add to, the Old and the New.

Moby Dick, and now this!

A Rabbi rewrites the Bible!

You say Moby Dick is bungled?

Herman, take a look at this Final Age® Bible.

Yes there is light in both books but “blubber is blubber tho you may get oil out of it.”

The same can be said of the Old Testaments.

At times the Prose and as you say, Herman, “the poetry may run as sap from a frozen maple tree.”


Only God is Perfect, as you know My Friend.


A Final Kabballah.

“There are some things so serious: you can only joke about them.”

-Neils Bohr






The Final Age® twill be perceived
By those Ascending Mountain A
With whimsy is the Word rephrased
The Fathers are outraged!

Beware the Ologies my peers
Religions bind and dogmas klatch
Beware the Funde Mental Bird and shun
The Frumious soul savers snatch.

Now take these Verbal Swords in hand
No Old. No New. No tongue to snare
Rest beneath this Figment Tree
Pause A-while in prayer.

Before this Final Age® we stand
All cherubim with unknown names
Now striding back to Promised Land
We slice away our shame.

Alphabeta. Come! A. B. The A Ascent
the verbals, whirl-ing purify
so gyre or gamble on the Wor(l)d
the veil is drawn aside.


“and what shall I say
I stutter A-A
Nothing else do I
know how to say”

– Catherine of Sienna


God, Allah, Christ, New Age, Old Testament, New Testament, The Bible, The Quran (Koran), Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Rabbi, Priest, Minister, Fundamentalism, Revelation, Revelations, Religion, Politics, Psychology, Madonna and Kabalah (Kabballah, Kabbalah, Kaballah, cabala) and more are all redefined in the Final Age (Se A lah).

Franz Kafka teaches that religions, like people get lost. The same is true of words and meaning, and politics and psychotherapy.  In the Final Age religion is viewed as literature as much as revelation, so we also recognize the prevalence of weak poetry and loose prose. The Meaning of the Original Wor(L)ds are lost, more than any Sacred Truths.

The Final Age, and Sealah, begin as fictions, and then become F(A)cts.

One last (final) word: Lighten up! The ascent up the mountain leads to the Arête. Character and characters are found on the peak. Fundamentalism and all grave teachings take place at the base. True revelation teaches basics, not secrets, fundamentals, not ism’s.

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