REAL Event in Ten Acts



Act One: From A to Z 

A to Z

As easy as

A-lijah ascending Zion

Meeting Moses

And Kafka on the way

All Knowing

The decisive thing,

The truth beyond the coffin

Is taught and learned.


Ari-A one

To the zebra shawled

I am not Achare




Moses is my brother

A master teacher yes,


Mosha Rabbanew?

Moses our Rabbi?

Torah of the rabbis from Moses on Sinai?

A Kabballah?

The Zealots of A to Z

Cast me into a pit

Where I sit

with Joseph and other Epicureans

And hide

From Mose2Moses whose money is on

Achare (Elisha) as Amalakite, rebels to be stoned

sans witnesses or warnings

Zadoks not Zaddikim.


No says this A Lee ya who, AElijah


The enemy is within.

Zebra tallised announce

Zeal for the Third Temple

And World War Three

Zion and Zohar in hand

Trembling with


Zero to



Not One Moses among them.

So I announce

Act One:


On my


Prophetically correct, if not politically

Isaiah’s Final Temple is built, plan 66

The heavens the Throne

Feet firmly on the ground

What Temple will contain?

What place will be filled with my quietude?

Says God A.


Act Two: Anoosem All 

Listen, Theo, you know as well as anyone that I am an Anoos, misguided by my parents, who were misguided by their parents, and never grasped the true Oral Law that defines Judaism. Spiritual Karaites. In fact we are all annosem, like children taken captive whose tradition is received under duress.

Learned Rabbis made an effort to bring me back into the fold and I attended the best Torah research institute in Jerusalem to receive my ordination.

I then reached out to convert the Jewish world. Judaism become my new parent and the father God my new teacher and king. But my destiny was always to be Achare, another type of Rabbi.

True, I have little in common with modern Rabbi’s. Perhaps I am more in the tradition of Gamliel and the sages who created the prophetic ashlamta of prayer by insisting on a prophetic reading to walk hand in hand with the torah portions taught in the synagogue weekly and on all holydays.

This was instituted at the end of Act Two, when the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans. The Temple could not stand up to the senseless hatred of the time. This hatred was equal to the idolatry and adultery and violence that brought down The First. The Leviticus cult did not work and it will never work. Patterning our prayers on the sacrifices of old gives the impression we should sanctify our days as of old.

O, the good old days. The good old days? No and no. we need a third way.

Act Three: On the Other Hand 

On the other hand we have more than one definition of Holy Land.

One Land is Holy since All land is Holy.

Any shrine that does not sanctify every place the foot trods as holy

is dedicated to idolatry.

We will have no salvation without this insight of Joshua.

But how do we honor Isaiah, our Original, who dreams of a House of Prayer for All People? Was his a Jerusalem dream? What about the existing shrines? See Consider Me A Dream.

Our legal codes insist the Temple Mountain, Moriah, is the place of the Third Temple. Here the first Adam offered the first sacrifice. Here Cain and Abel sacrificed. Then Noah, upon leaving the Ark sacrificed here.

Perhaps most significantly, here Abraham offered up Isaac. I review all of this in Final Testament. There I rewrite the root metaphor of Western Mythicism. There I teach that the Earth and the fullness therein

is the final temple. Here I am opening this up for discussion. See also the Mergings, Book Two of the Final Age Testament.


Act Four: The Virtual Temple of Peace (Shalom) 

Since I am assigned the task of announcing I now proclaim an open forum on a model for all aspects of the Final Temple.

The Third Temple will be a House of Worship and a House of Study.

A universal worship service will be written by representatives of all worldviews, of all the am a ha aretz of all the peoples and tribes of this Earth.

We will start with spoken prayer and prophecy.

We will continue with chants and voice harmonies.

Then compose the soundtrack.

Musicians from every group will work on various styles and arrangements.

Conductors will write specific liturgy for ordinary daily times and holy times based on the various instruments in their orchestras.

Musicals will be written to play live and to stream, as needed, to everyone’s personal computer.

The Sealah Seminary will train the musicians in these integrative skills.

Movies will be made that retell the ancient myths in ways that affirm Sealah.


Act Five: Blueprints in Space

This is a five finger exercise times two. I need you to enfold fingers into fingers and pray for a vision of this website.

1.)  The Third Temple is being rebuilt as we speak. Join in

2.)  Enroll in Sealah and begin your re-education.

3.)  Make your own list of ten ideas.

4.)  String your Pearls.

5.)  Send your floor plans for the design of this site.

6.)  Send your blueprint for The Third Temple as a website.

7.)  Review the Five Books of Laurence.

8.)  Write up your vision of Realigion.

9.)  Send your ashlamtas to our webrabbi’s for posting.

10.)            See Act six and do.


Act Six: The Atonement Tablets 

What is your version of the Final (Atonement) set of Tablets? How do we move from the Broken to the Free Set of Tablets? Final Exam!  Send.


Act Seven: Shabbat Shalom

The Sabbath of History

Write and submit an essay on how the final Tikkun of history will prepare humanity for the Final Temple.

 In Jerusalem?

In Cyberspace?

Is Real?


Islam submits to Peace?

The politics of Salvation?

Will religion add the A?

If all is fiction, is redemption a fantasy?

Who writes the final script?



Act Eight: Submissions 

Send us your c.v. if you want to be in that number when the collaboration begins.

 The announcer is announcing:

 Auditions. Get ready for your part. I am but one producer.

 Seeking directors, stars, supporting roles and extras,

 And, of course, the lead role.   

As Mo says  Let the Movie, The Final Redemption, begin.


 Act Nine: The Contest 

Calling all architects.

Rising from the open space on the Temple Mount is an invitation to design Gods new home on earth.

Or. Design a Temple of Light. Open all sources.

The design may be used as the model for Temples of Realigion worldwide.

The guidelines for submission will be sent to you upon request.

The prize is ten million dollars.


Act Ten: The Finale 

Finally, the bottom line, funds.

One dollar from ten million people?

One thousand from ten thousand?

(What does an Elijah, or Elisha, or Rabbi, know about fundraising? Help.)

This is decisive, or all A Fiction.

Send links to one hundred

or ten to the x contacts.

Let the Final begin!