The burden of Elijah

T.A.I.K.U.? All solved?

Haiku. Well versed!   

(For Ezra, Once Again)

A legal debate in the Talmud the Rabbi’s are unable to settle is referred to as a Taiku, an acrostic for “Tishbi will resolve.”

That  would be me.

Oy. It’s not enough that I am a prophet, but a Rabbi as well?

You think modern rabbis will take the guidance of a prophet?


This is the burden.

This is why

I versify

My lectures.

Haiku not Taiku

My love letters

To gentile and jew.

Listen, gentle reader, theo philos, chavere,

I believe in the supreme rabbinic fiction willingly.

Moses Kabballahed an ideal constitution on Sinai.

Also.Update: The Founding Fathers were positive that all are created equal in the American Covenant, another legal fiction agreed upon. Our laws do enfold in the direction of life and happiness based on the original revelation, but politics are religion and religions political when the American Covenant trumps Sinai and Calvary and Mecca and Medina.

“The Law of the Land is the Law.”

Just ask Napoleon.

Listen, once again, my friend.

In our incarnation my ancestors

were Jews of Germany and Alsace Lorraine.

Napoleons Sanhedrin was an adumbration of our modern conundrum, which translated into English means:

Are you an American Jew

Or a Jewish American?

(So too are you an American Afro

or an Afro- American?)

An Elijah question:

What if the Law of the Land


Contradicts The Law of Religion or Race


Which swallows which?

Muslim American

Or American Muslim?

Shrewd Napoleon had his Jews declare

“French Jews” not “Jewish Frenchman”

but our rabbi’s slyly lied on the true issue of intermarriage,

saying only pagans in idolatry were forbidden

by Torah Law, True

But the Rabbi’s forbid

Inter marriage

And tear their garments

And excommunicate

To this day.

Why do you think I do interfaith weddings?

So, being a Rabbi I Taiku by Haiku

So letter and spirit are one

And law salvation.

The Yoke of heaven

Is a J.

Complexity is not profundity

Says rav e

So review and say:

Prophet is poet and priest and rabbi

Solve your own problems.

No Taiku.

Just Haiku.