Gnomologia of Elijah

 For Theo, who prefers poetry

You are the task, (as Rebbe K teaches), and no disciple, far or wide; and the Teacher, and the Savior of your own life.

 So what is Decisive? Sinai? Calgary?

 Only The A Ascent.


Says this Prophet of Repetitions.


Begin again, daily, in the beginning.

The Physics of Creation

The Very Story of your Genesis


Ma-ah say B ray sheet


Commands we order our chaos, say

“Let there be light.”


Original Mitzvah. (Prime directive)


A is a Seder

The Tree of Knowing



In the Image of A

Born of the womb of mercy

Her essence is Good

Renewing each moment and every day

Every light and emenation. In ten se.




Make Yourself a Master-Teacher

Disciple yourself, order your chaos

Love Yourself

Presence is Commanded

As is Love.


Listen: the Ten Sayings and the Ten Teachings are Ten Trials.


Traveling with Abraham again, retelling his story, say no to the bindings of religion. To find freedom, and move beyond the graven image, ascend to the Arête and raise both hands and embrace the person of God.


Return and teach the Ten Principles of

The End!


Teach your Torah.


Love the Rabbi’s

Hate the Rabbinate.


Declare only one Author.



The rest is commentary.


Therefore be teachers of the ever flowing fountain

And draw this water with joy and jubilation

From the springs of salvation

By asking What, and asking Why

And add Who, When, and Where




Kabballah this:


The Secret in the center now speaks:

All Ten Teach one Truth

The Uni Verse

Is this:


Who is wise?

The One who receives, Kabballah from Everyone

The Am A

Of every land


Then, when unity is real

Mothered earth sings mercy



Elijah And

Ya Who A Lee


No mystery.