Final Solutions to the

 Jewish Problem


If X is equal to Z over Y

And Y is equal to


Then ABC Jehovah?

If Z is any

Jew, Suffering, Servant

Is Y any question?

If J

becomes K


Let P = Priest

of Politics or Psychology; and even of Poetry.

Q is minded Gospel source. (Good News; Finally!)

R who was Rabbanu lost; now found.






X becomes, once again,


Z, Anointed, without, within, wo/man, in the very end

A. begin again.


A Final Solution to the Jewish Problem

The prologues are over.

It is a question now of final belief.

So, say that final belief

must be in a fiction.

It is time to choose.


Wallace Stevens


This is a coming to terms.

This is A

Solution to the Jewish problem.

We begin in the beginning with A.

When God began creating, A-lah

Is her Name.

A, then is one solution. God, The Messiah of

The central mind.

(call her our Theo-cortex)

A is made by, and is the maker of


The Third Testament has been written again and again and once again.

Gospels, Recitation, Manifestos, fictions all of the Newish Testament,

yet the world remains young, and I too have written my Bible, to unite heaven and earth.

The Final;

another fiction, for nothing is ever final.

In fact, I will not be my own Rashi to my own Testament,

much too noisy a choice.

You will

hear me singing and chanting.

I will live in lion love.


Imitating A

I order chaos

My Elijah beards

A fire

I will be even steven

when my staff a solution,

A serpent.

or a leaping flame.

Now Wallace and Walt

I put you away.

I am sitting in an empty room

No books

Holy of Holies


Enter the Temples

In the silence I whisper

This final solution.

My final solution to my Jewish problem.

(more repetitions)

The spirit of this final solution is both poetic and prosaic. Fictions I believe in.

Why a Final Age Testament?

The Final Solution.

In my final solution to my Jewish problem.

Two Adolph’s play leading roles.

First, Adolf the Hitler.

Next , My Father

Adolf the Jew.

Deuteronomy the Torah reader rolls in endless repetition.

I have written the final word on my Adolf’s.

I have offered here my first solution to the final.

My Testaments are a click away.

So now I will sing chant emote and rabbi

awaiting your rashi and nachman and Maimon.

I need one thousand Ezra’s.

Now we are not in poetry mode or in fiction. Call it faction.

In Jerusalem I thought I would find every solution to my life as a Jew. I studied for the rabbinate with the Torah greats of our generation. I will not mention their names since I have become an “Other.”

The Dean of the rabbinic school assigned me the role of the heretic in Paradise.

I would be the Elisha. The Other. (The Rabbi not the Prophet)

Call me Acher? Sure, but

I prefer the voice of the prophet’s mentor.


My disciple Elisha is remembered as a prophet and healer. He is earth to my fire, water to my wind. Our rabbi’s, their memory for a blessing, wisely complete the story of the binding of the son by the father (Genesis 22) with

the defeat of the angel of death by my beloved student. (2Kings 4, 1-37).

The final solution to the problem of death is a belief in resurrection. Of course those who saw the son of the Shunammite after Elisha resurrected him did not rely upon belief. They knew.

So too did Lao Tzu.

Death is the Final Solution.

The sage knows we all will die.

Masters live.

We are ready for death, as a laborer is ready for sleep after a good days work.

This brings us back to the key story of the West, the binding of Isaac. Did Isaac need to die, as Christ, in the updated version? Is the story a dream?

Fact? Fiction? Scription?

De-scription works. The text creates reality as much as reality creates the text. This is why we are so beholden to Stevens. Since God and the imagination are, in fact, one, our only hope is Midrash, a description of Scription.

If Isaac had been sacrificed he also could have been resurrected. The facts of the story will never be known. A charcoal line is drawn on a vast canvas and we paint our own pictures.

The point of the Final Testament is that God does not command the sacrifice. Resurrection as a final solution to all religious problems, or the problem of life itself, is not the point. The messiah is not arriving any time soon on a white horse to save future Isaacs from the sword.

God desires mercy, not sacrifice. With so much blood all is covered by atonement.

Theophilos it is time to speak once again.

For almost three thousand years I watched the recycling of violence, ruin, and destruction, all in the name of God.

God is tired of all the old testaments. An endless retelling wearies.

I myself am ready for sleep. Today I announce the Redeemer and will be finished of my work.

We retell the story confident that our fiction will reign supreme. Re-examination of our myths demands the re-write.   We need not submit to the mis-readings of others.

Rabbi Elisha (The Other) is misread by the disciples of Rabbi Akiba who redacted the narratives of our sages according to their own point of view. The bridge between freedom and revelation is rebuilt by welcoming the “Other” back into the fold.

 Yes, I am also suggesting we un-excommunicate the blessed Spinoza. We begin with the Rabbi Elisha “The Other” and return to Spinoza later.

The great Rabbi named for my disciple Elisha is remembered by rabbinic tradition as Acher, the other. Two midrashic fictions fix his personality.

First, the famous story about how Elisha came to doubt the truths of just rewards and punishments in the Torah:

Elisha the son of Avuyah saw a man climbing a tree to remove a nest containing fledglings and the mother bird. Torah prohibits this. Nothing happened to this man, by any judge, human or divine. The next day Elisha observed another man chase the mother bird away before he took the fledglings as the torah Commands. The reward for this act of mercy is a promise of long life. Instead the man who followed the law was immediately bitten by a snake and died.

Elisha was forced to proclaim: “There is no judge and there is no judgement.” He has a point.

The truth be retold Elisha the rabbi was not Elisha the Prophet and had no ability to bring the man who followed the teachings back to life. Elisha the rabbi could not enroll in prophet school. Malachi, my messenger, according to the rabbis was the last prophet. So why should this Rabbi believe in resurrection? As an act of faith?

No, as an act of fact he could not.

Elisha the Other consulted Greek wisdom literature for answers. His fellow rabbis came to see these works as “Books of the Erroneous” and “Books of the Heretics.” Rabbi Akiba teaches that those who read outside of the canon he had just established lose their portion in Paradise. Then again Rabbi Akiba also believed resurrection of the dead is mentioned in the Torah. It is not.

The second fixing of Achers personality takes place in a legend told by the disciples of Akiba. Remember Akiba is portrayed as deserving the highest place of honor among the rabbi’s:

Four entered Paradise: ben Azzai, ben Zoma, Acher, and Rabbi Akiba.

ben Azzai looked and died, ben Zoma became demented, Acher uprooted.

Rabbi Akiba entered in peace and left in peace.

The problem with the above citation, from the Babylonian Talmud, tractate Haggigah page 14b is that it allows only one hero.

Akiba, the hero, was also the Rabbi who usurped my role by declaring Bar Kochba the Messiah. This monumental blunder was a disaster for the Jews, an example of a leader becoming our problem.

ben Azzai died pondering the mystery of the sufferings of our history.

ben Zoma cracked his head open on the Jewish problem of his time. Rome wanted the lifeblood of our people and extracted that blood by forbidding circumcision, Shabbat, and study. What to do?

I have compassion for the humanness of our sages. Akiba died for his (false) beliefs and considered Elisha a traitor.

Elisha had another take on the disastrous revolt against Rome. He remembered the false messiah Bar Kochba stomping to death Rabbi Eliezar of Modin for not supporting this messiah’s revolt.

(I will explain later why it is Elisha (Acher) who earns the honor of being patron saint to the modern Jew.)

Echoes of the dancing on Elisha’s grave are found in the famous Mishnah

on those who have a portion of Paradise recorded in the Talmudic tractate Sanhedrin.

(I have commented on the proof text for this Mishnah in my 

Principled Future Teachings.)

Chapter Eleven of Sanhedrin is referred to as Chelek, or Portion. “All Israelites have a Portion in the World to Come” the Mishnah teaches. A proof text from Isaiah is offered. (60:21).

Then the Mishnah decides to limit the prophets inclusive “All” and lists those who are excluded from The World to come. First is “The One” who says that resurrection of the dead is not referred to in Torah. The Mishnah could almost say “Elisha”. Also excluded are those who read non canonical books.

We hear the voice of Akiba whispering “Elisha” once again. Fortunately Maiminodes excludes only those who do not believe in the concept of resurrection. Rabbi Moses also does not list reading “Outside Books” to his understanding of the Mishnah, being so attached to his Aristotle.

As a young orthodox rabbi my solution to all Jewish problems was in the domain of Akiba. I thought of Moses as a Rabbi and lived by my mentor’s imagination that from Moses to Moses there was no one like Moses. Moses Maiminodes was treated as an Elisha when his books were burned. My mentor, a Maiminodes scholar and advocate, looked to the more “modern Moses” as the solution to every knotty Jewish problem. It took me years to find my own voice.

Rabbi Moses son of Maimon also thought of himself as a prophet as he defined the term.

In his Book of Knowledge, Laws Concerning the Foundations of Torah, Chapter Seven, Moses teaches that it is on of the foundation principles of religion that God inspires some with the prophetic gift. The spirit of prophecy rests upon those who are wise, with great moral character, who enters the garden of teachings (Pardes). This is the garden Akiba was able to cultivate. Rabbi Moses proves his greatness by referring to Elisha as one of “the four great sages” who entered Pardes.

I must take issue with my Rabbi, however, when he teaches:

… “even if one-thousand Prophets of the stature of Elijah and Elisha offer an interpretation, and one- thousand Rabbi’s the opposite we follow the majority.”

This means I will resolve all rabbinic disputes if and only if I agree with the majority if the vote is split. What is the point? Am I a rabbi first and a prophet second? Rabbi Moses knew that if he founded a prophetic school he would be the only teacher and the only student.

With all this in mind I announce my final solution to the Jewish problem, and of all modern problems, for that matter.

A: School for Prophets; the Sealah Seminary

The Sealah Seminary has two schools for sages, Iris and Gems.

The Sealah School for Prophets will follow the teachings of Rabbi Moses by teaching meditation, and the attitudes that facilitate a prophetic mindset. Mastering music is a requirement for this school for prophets, along with a sense of humor. All students will have set before them instruments to compose the joyful liturgy of the sons and daughters of the prophets.

Dreadful and dull synagogue liturgy will be replaced by upbeat worship.

In addition we insist our students go beyond Rabbi Moses of the Book of Exodus and make ready for the Ascent to the top of the mountain Sinai. This is another final solution to the Jewish problem of our time and is a Tikkun for the original Revelation to Moses on the mountain Sinai. In simple terms; if everyone is ascending, none are left behind to circle dance the golden cow.

A Final Solution Curriculum

Over and above Testaments we turn to critical and historical studies to attain true wisdom and prophecy.  Spinoza Studies, as Rabbi Edwin teaches, will be mastered so we never again define those we disagree with as “Other” to our tradition. May we all aspire to the miracles of Elisha the prophet and Elisha the Sage.

Sage?  Rabbinic Judaism remains essentially Greek as long as we insist that study is worship and equal to all the teachings. Of course all of this abstract intellectualism keeps us isolated from the man and women on the street and inspires all the false messiahs anointed to replace Torah.

They all look good on parchment.

Enrollment in the school of prophets of the Sealah Seminary, like creation and revelation, is continuous. Our lifelong course of study begins with the mastering of all scriptures and comments and critical studies. Applied prophetic studies take you out into the streets to mingle with the Am a Ha Aretz, the peoples of every land.



               Am A



Am A, is Hebrew for People A.

People A means the people of God.

Ha Aretz  means “The Land”

and means the land of Israel.

All prophets must pass the Israel test.

a.) The Holy land is sacred.

b.) All land is holy.

The people of the earth understand. So will the politicians, and in the end the religious, after the final struggle.

The problem people have with Israel is the problem of the future of humanity.

The Torah that will go forth from Zion will enlighten the world.

The prophet Isaiah remains central to this vision that unites the nations.

One world.

A to Z

All Zionists.

The Temple is built.


Enroll today. This future is a click away.

Announcing Yavne II

Course One for The Sealah Seminary:

Final Testament and the Final Solution

Why a Final Age Testament?

The Final Solution

Final Testament is not the great American Jewish novel.

It is a good book.

It is not American.

What the hell is a Jewish Book?

The Bible is not a book.

The Five Books are not of Moses.

Joshua is not history.

The holy war is a fiction.

Our judges lacked judgment.

Our Kings were corrupt.

Our Priests failed us as a people.

Our Prophets; we continue to ignore.

Our Rabbis, who should have 20/20 hindsight, insist on many myopic views.

Our Church Fathers led us astray.

They created the fiction of a New Testament.

They divided Israel and ate our flesh.

They abandoned Torah and sacred time.

Martin Luther protested, but not enough.

Protestant theology plants the seeds for the final solution as much as the Old Catholic doctrine that the Old Covenant is superseded by the New.

We await Luther II.

Until then, the holocaust is still happening.

German citizenship is still a matter of blood.

I will never again set foot on the blood soaked soil of my fathers land.

I will convince every Jewish Israelite to return to Zion.

More Solutions?

Be a Baal Shem Tov


and Master The Great Name.

You also discover your greatness and your Name.

Move five into five.

I announce

Greater then Zen

The sound of two hands clapping,

 then chanting, to music, to ecstasy, to prophecy.

Applause applause.

A pause

An ah

A ha


I repeat:

As announced, The Shem Tov, the greatest Name of God is AHVH pronounced:




After my father gave me the blessing to live-in lion love

I found the courage to proclaim that I am a Laurence,

an Aryeh, an Aliyawho, and a Rabbi. An Ari-A.


the Very rabbi.

I renounce all hiding and also declare I am an Alpern:

Mountain man, Arête climber, Jew of German, and Polish, ancestry.

None of this is news to my readers, aside from my Elijah Complex. 

From Complex to simplicity I teach an individualized path to the top

of the Mountain A.

Yavne II begins with the Sealah Seminary. The realigion I am announcing is as radical a departure from the past as Vatican II. I admire the progress of the Catholic Church in this area and challenge the synagogue to be open to the innovations of Yavne II.

My main concern among the old religions is liberal Protestantism and Islam.

This brings us back to our Prophet among the Pastors and Professors, Dr Littell. Remember the Final Solution demands a rethinking of everything old and new. The Quran is not the Final Testament. My rewrite of Western religion is our only hope.

If you have not mastered Littell’s monograph,

The Crucifixion of the Jews; the Failure of Christians to Understand the Jewish Experience

originally published by Harper and row 1975, also available as a Rose Reprint of Scholarly Excellence, Mercer University Press Macon Georgia 1986 and 1996

 it is time to do so.

Actually we need to distribute this monograph to every synagogue and church leader in the world. Come to think about it, add every Imam and mosque, since Professor Littell is correct when he argues that the misunderstanding includes Islam, when it reads the Quran (Koran) as Final Testament.

Now, I know this is a rather curious way to introduce a course of study on the final solution to the Jewish problem and the need to rewrite the basic story of civilization.

Until I grasp my story, however, how may I understand history?

My story is told in the Five Books of Laurence.

When I wrote the five I was the sound of one hand. My struggle for self understanding finally ended when I discovered my other hand. Clap Clap.

My Fathers Story I continue to chronicle in Adolf the Jew.

I confess. My family is unresponsive.

My son just does not get it yet.

(Gevurah gives birth to Chesed as Chesed to Gevurah.)

Beauty is in the balance.

My son is not afraid of me and is silent.

My father, on the other hand, could well have been Herman Kafka.

Even more than Sigmund Freud, I am a son of Herman.

Franz Kafka and I are more than blood brothers

I, like Franz, was a timid child.

A mama’s boy.

I like Franz and many jewboys who are his spiritual descendents, despised the Judaism of my father.

My Bar Mitzvah recitation was a ridiculous repetition by rote. I have recorded Franz’s Bar Mitzvah in his film biography, but that scene is mostly a dream.

Nearly fifty years later I now understand the providence of my Bar Mitzvah.

Two Kings 23. The Second Day of Passover.

King Josiah establishes a model of leadership for messiah.

Deuteronomy rolls once again. Moses who sets in motion the tradition of prophecy and vision is again center stage.

The Final Passover has a paradigm.

And yet, and yet, the final solution is a terrible rewrite of the script.

Where was modern Moses?

And no Announcer! Why was I silent?

The Atlantic did not split.

The British, for God’s sake, shackled the holy land.

And the angel of death did not Passover.

So forget Elijah and Moses and Mose-iah.

(So we have, so we have.)

We embraced others, and their solutions.

Some embraced Adolf.

Others Karl, and Vladimir,

embracing the bear.


Sigmund’s couch?

Jung’s  contempt?

Why a Final Age Testament?

The Final Solutions.


Final Solution

Was the solution final?

What do we call the Jew hatred that led to the extermination of so many of my beloved people?

A holocaust?


A holocaustem is a sacrifice totally consumed.

A successful final solution would leave only Amalakite Chronicles of a people and a god who were, and now are not.

Listen, Israel, Aliyawho is moving back into his cave on Mt. Carmel to proclaim the fulfillment of the promise of Zion.

I now also proclaim that that the final solution to the Jewish problem planned by the Muslim world will not succeed.

The protocols are now mine. To the people who will believe anything I now proclaim:

Believe the Truth. This Torah enlightens.

No Testament is final if it is true. The Oral Law means discussion opens us to the truth.

We are back to our professor and his monograph. Dr. Littell quotes chapter and verse to argue that Islam, like Christendom fails to understand the Jewish experience. Since the foundation stone of this misunderstanding is the myth of superseding displacement; the fact that the Quran is marketed as a Final Testament is rather alarming.

Take heart, I am relearning Quranic Arabic and restudying that scripture.

This is required for all students at the Sealah seminary.

I confess, in all my wanderings, nothing moves me quite as much as the Arabic call to prayer. But religion is more than prayer.

Do not judge the Quran by its English translation. In the original the Arabic final testament, compared to the old and new, is of poetry, perhaps the most sublime. Its rival includes the psalms of David for language and the great and terrible tropes of the Book of Revelation for inspiration.

Also, like its precursors, the Quran is a text ripe for misreading. Most Muslim scholars insist that the story of Genesis 22, retold in the Quran in a type of dream sequence, is in fact the story of Abe and Ishmael and not Abe and Isaac. The original is not specific. Remember, in my version, it is, in fact, both. For the gospels, Jesus is the Son to be sacrificed. Review the Final Age Testament.

The Quran, even more than the Gospels, strike me as a polemic this reading around. Since this scripture is seen as the literal word of God, in another course we will examine every chapter and verse. I do not believe I need to remind you that the Quran is scription.

I am beginning to understand the animosity of some Muslims towards Bahai and its scripture which is a trump of the trump. I am speaking theologically since I have no knowledge that Bahai is a triumphal dispensation. In fact, in Talmudic terms Ipcha istabray, just the opposite may be true, so I will study this upon my return to Mount Carmel.

Anyhow, by the logic of religion and progress, my final testament, being the latest, now gets the last word.

So, now I get on with my story.

My Story, the Night of Breaking of the Glass. November 1938.

A Repetition

Theo, the story I put together is also from the shattered pieces of my father’s memory. He was eight. His brother Joshua was 12. Joshua almost got them all killed by running through the streets of Karlshrue shouting “Hitler go to hell.” Or so the story is told and retold, mostly at the Passover Seder.

My father, Adolf the Jew, Hebrew name Abraham; does not know the exact day his father was taken and sent to a deportation center.

On the night of the breaking of the glass he remembers his mother burning

money in the stove. Not sure what to do or where to turn the three headed towards the synagogue. It was burning. They returned home.

Somehow my grandfather was reunited with the family and they headed towards Basle Switzerland via Freiberg. I retraced the route last year visiting my son at The University of Freiberg.

Over the years I heard conversations about my father, uncle, and grandparents escaping to Basle, where they were caught by the Swiss. This sounds midrashic to me. Too neat and stock character. They were returned to Germany and ransomed and then rehidden at my grandmother’s family’s leather factory in Basle. I have no idea how much of this is factual.

I do know I learned not a thing going to the synagogue in Karlshrue for Shabbat services. A visit to Basle was also a blank. I did learn that a synagogue had existed in Eichstetten, where we stayed at an organic vineyard during our visit. The synagogue there was destroyed on Kristalnacht. I could find no markers or memories of the synagogue in this sleepy village. The wine was blood red.  I thought of my family as I drank.

Chances are my grandfather was removed from the family home in Karlshrue three weeks earlier and taken to a deportation center on the Polish border or to Dachau. Sir Gilbert tells me of a Jew who survived the deportation and was allowed by the Gestapo to return to Karlshrue. If my grandfather experienced the same fate he would have been given 90 days to leave Germany.

The story I heard has my grandfather escaping the deportation center in a bakery truck. This feels like a second hand memory of a second class survivor.

Anyway, I am glad we visited Germany since our son was so content in his studies and happy to love all things German. He is now home. I learned that I never want to go there again. Ever.

One image from the family Kristalnacht narrative I pieced together haunts

And instructs;

The Ark is burning and my father and his brother and my grandmother see the new dispensation of the Nazis clearly revealed. The “No’s” have burned away:




False witness


Die Endlosung der Judenfrage  in Europa 


By the time the German Nazis determined the final solution of the Jewish Question in Europe my family had escaped to North Adams Massachusetts.

We made it out just in time.

What kind of solution was this?

Jews still allowed living in the world?

 Not to worry. The world would be Nazi and then experience die endlosung der judenfrage in America,




and so on.

And then?

And then the final solution was for all Christians.

Yes, all Christians.

The final destruction was for all who would not substitute Adolf for Christ.

Again we turn to Dr. Littell:

Ta Shema: Come and listen. Our prophet Littell teaches:

Christians unwilling to accept Adolf the Hitler as the Second Coming were marked for future extermination in the death camps.

The Ten Teachings were Hitler’s greatest enemy.

His final testament begins:

“I Adolf am the Lord Your God.” And continues

Strike the “Not” from the Old.

All life is murder.

We shall determine who shall live and who shall die.

My Struggle

For two thousand years it has been taught:

The God of the Old is a God of Wrath and Justice and Law

Replaced by A God of Grace, Love, and Compassion.

This is the teaching that opened the earth to genocide.

The blood of the Jews flows from the sword of the New.

Every war requires justification, and so the War against the Jews

A holocaustem to an idea, a sacrifice, and more replacements;

Not the God of Abraham and Sarah and Isaac and Rebecca and Jacob and Rachel and Leah;

but a New dispensation of Civic Religion

of Positive Christianity

of a cross twisted into the swastika.

A special edition of the Bible was printed

by the Nazi’s

purged of the dream of Zion, a final testament,

where “to live fight and die for Hitler

means to say yes to the path of Christ.”

A final solution,

Old Father

and his rules


And all this a Jeremiad on Jeremiah

31:31 so the dullard devil remembers;

“See a time is coming-declares the Lord

When I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel

and the House of Judah.

… I will put my teachings into their inmost being
and inscribe it upon their hearts.”

(Truth be told Theo the Jewish Publication translation requires fine tuning

the Hebrew indicating a re-newal of the covenant and not a literal replacement of Old by New. They should translate Re-New.

Also, and so I counseled the Messiah of Princetown:

Jeremiah did not mean an operational circumcision of the heart

but a metaphorical cutting and removing; so the messiah did not need a residency in cardiac surgery.)

Jeremiahs conversion to Christianity;

Is it any more astonishing

Then The New New Testament

Mein kamph?

The struggle ends in the death camps

where the Baptist and Paul and Jesus Christ himself

would have perished.

Though none of the three above

Believed the old was replaced by the new

or the father the son.

So as your Son, Theo, I ask you

What are we to do

With a church triumphant

With a New

And no Jew?

What are we to do

With a Recitation that claims

A Final?

With The Bab? With Joseph Smith?

With Marx?

Shall we Jefferson the scriptures

And create a last text,

A newish bible?

Or shall we be holy

As the God of Leviticus

and separate

every Scripture

and State?

Father, it is time to instruct your son.

I Announce Jesus The Pharisee.

I invite Rabbi Emden and Rabbi Falk to teach.

Rabbi Emden reads the gospels as good news that teaches a cherishing of the Jews.

Was Jesus a Pharisee?

What were the politics of his time? Were the Pharisees pious?

Rabbi Falk explains the mix of politics and piety. Two thousand years ago the two party system was of the House of Shammi and the House of Hillel.

Shammai was a patrician and Hillel a plebe, but they differed more than democrats and republicans. The zealots showed displeasure with Roman rule by siding with the House of Shammai in religious disputes. None could really separate synagogue and state. Eventually the rabbis moved to a one party system, following the Pharisees of the House of Hillel, where Jesus would have been a member.

The House of Shammi advocated for war against the Romans and eventually got their way. The Sanhedrin voted for war. The Hillelite Talmudic chronicler records this day as a catastrophe of the order of the golden calf. Pharisees all and all was a mess. Shammi and his school were so depressed they proclaimed it would have been better never to have been born.

The House of Shammi looked down upon the gentile world and believed that even the most rightouus among the goyim (gentiles) could not be saved. None could come to the Lord save through Moses. The Talmud records 18 edicts passed by Shammi to create walls between Jews and gentiles. Such hatred was generated that violence broke out between the parties’s. The disciples of Hillel were murdered by the disciples of Shammai and their henchmen, the zealots.

Much of this was taking place during the ministry of Jesus.

Rabbi Falk teaches that the rebukes of Jesus against the Pharisees, which sometimes seem anti Semitic, are more accurately anti Shammiatic. This makes sense. Jesus was a Pharisee. Jesus may have seen the two thousand followers of Shammi crucified on the road leading into Jerusalem on the Passover of Crushing.

The Hillel Pharisees knew that insurrection revolt and violence were contrary to the Laws of Moses as understood by the Hebrew prophets.

Hillel Pharisees warn Jesus about Herod.

Handing a Jew over to the Romans violates the letter and the spirit of the Law.

This was my advice to the rabbis at that time.

The followers of Shammi lose power as their policy of violence fails. The spirit of Shammi resurrects during the Bar Kochba revolt with the same disastrous results, the further destruction of Jerusalem and Judea.

The Rabbinic Peace party was vindicated.

The Book of John is Anti Shammiatic

At first glance the Book of John appears to be the most anti-Semitic of the Gospels.

Flapping in the wind of misunderstanding is verse 44 of chapter 8:

You are of your Father

The Devil

And your will is to do

Your Fathers desires.

Many scholars refuse to “pledge allegiance” to this flag.

Is the Apostle John an anti-semite?

another self hating Semite?

I think not.

John is the most Jewish of the Gospels

Beginning with the Philonic Logos

Presenting a Jesus who celebrates Chanukah,

In chapter one John says:

I am not the Messiah

I am not Elijah

I am not The Prophet.

The Prophet, capitol P?

Was he A prophet?

Yes, though the rabbis were of the opinion that Malachi was the final prophet.

John the Baptist quotes Isaiah as a proof text that he is in fact a Prophet, crying aloud in the wilderness to make the Lords Path straight.

As you well know Jesus is reported to be of the opinion that the Baptist is in fact Elijah.


Now this is crucial. 

When do we take on a persona and say,

in the spirit of Elijah

I announce

The End?

The Apostle gets it right. John is the Baptist, an Elisha, if not a prophet then the son of a prophet.

And as you know I was not silenced when John was beheaded.

John being John and I being me.

The Church Fathers arrange The Father Testament and Son Testament with me in the middle announcing the Baptist.

In truth I announce Isaiah.

Isaiah is The Final Testamentor.

We still await his Zion

Of War No More

And the false messiahs

All fall short

Of his final.

The last chapter of history

Will be written when we grasp

And smile at Isaiahs final words

A final final testament and solution

To the riddle of religion, when

The Earth

Is real, Hearts and Homes Holy

A Ascended, entering


Every citizen

A sage

A seer

Then a Messiah

of their own life

and family

and neighborhood and

Village and Town and State and Nations

United by a Messiah

Who seeks no disciples, only colleagues

Rabbi all. Rebbes. Rebs. Ravs. Revs. Very.

Back to John,

the Book,

the Baptist,

the Apostle.

A readers guide to John transforms this most Jewish of telling of the story from bad to good News, as my friend, The Professor of Princeton


Read “The Jews” as “the Judeans”

In Johns Book

and you  learn what he means:

Judeans are:




(none of whom are ‘Jews”)

Rabbi Falk adds; John 8:44 is not anti Semitism but a common rabbinic curse. The Talmud (Yavamoat 16a) records that Rabbi Dosa used this curse against his own brother when his brother announced he was joining the Party of Shammi! The Rabbi called his brother “The firstborn of Satan.”

Rabbi Dosa was not anti-Semitic he was anti Shammiatic.

(The real final testament will include gospels arranged like medieval Jewish text with mandatory commentary, an expanded Mikraoat Gedoloat.)


So, let the severed head still speak:

Not a one who heard jesus teach

Thought he was messiah.

They even thought he might be me.

Jesus did think of me as an equal. You had to be there.

Yet I did not proclaim him captain

of messiahship

and not because I lost my head

or did not admire his suffering

but because of Isaiah

and the final testament

and the messiah being

a final solution

to oppression

an end to history

as I approached my millennia

I had a dream two millennia into the future

And found nothing new or renewed,

Hearts hardened, Pharonic pastors and politicians

History a nightmare;


His Story

Save the date

Not The Prophet

Not the Babtist

Not the Messiah

Not yet

Even Good



And Not


Hebrews (Lecture Notes)

Theo, Hebrews

Creates a cruci


(spell out on blackboard)

and is a double edged sword

based on 11:1-19.

The book, and this chapter,

and these verses,

are a fiction,

posing as a fact.

We do not know




Intended audience.

While called an Epistle

Hebrews is a polemic

And not even a letter.

I must tell you my friends

The first ten chapters

And the eleventh are dangerous

In fact this text is a good example

Of a text that cannot stand alone

And must always be printed

In an Interpreters Bible Format

And for Gods sake Rabbis

Find your gospel rashi and ramban and seferno

And comment.

The essence of the message

That the Old is flawed from the beginning

And Jesus New greater than Moses Old

Is the seed for the Final Solution.

I repeat:

Why a Final Testament?

The Final Solution.

Almost twenty years ago, in my first proem edition of Final Testament I had no idea that The Quran would be marketed as a Final Testament. Google or Bing and you see my point.

In fact, radicals see that Final Testament, Quranic edition, as the Final solution to the Jewish problem, citing chapter and verse to justify the hatred and emollition of Jews. Similar to Adolf the Amalekite the Christian eventually becomes a type of Jew, and the final replaces the new as the new replaced the old and la de da history repeats.

By the way, readers had two objections to my Original Final Testament.

First, it must be rabbinic pornography since the messiah has a penis.

Second, they thought it was a simple retelling and not a radical rewrite.

My Final Testament is a satire based on sarcasm and does not endorse traditional religion of any kind.

My free online edition of the Final Age Testament, is based on the original, but was placed on a diet. The sensual scenes from the proem edition are deleted and the introduction is missing since it was the eye of a needle few could thread.

O my serious serious disciples

Go home.

Leave me alone.

You only  reduce

my fat bible.

So, what is New?

So, my friends, each one of you a Theo Philos

Lover of God, lover of wisdom,

What is the “new” in Jeremiah?

What is the Tikkun of Hebrews?

Only my Final.

Jeremiah has a vision of the future renewal of Israel.

Shammi was as clueless as the Church fathers.

Scripture inspires the sour grapes of history

And sets our teeth on edge.

What Church father quotes Jeremiah 31:30;

That everyone will die for his own sins?

How do we fix the mistranslation, and misreading

That transforms Jeremiah into a Christian?

All we can do is begin again.

Listen and learn.

The School of Shammai of the House of Judah ignored the prophecy of Jeremiah about a renewal with the House of Israel. The irritant was ready to produce a pearl, but nothing was cast except for the misreading of a “new” covenant.

Texts are proof of nothing

save the genius

or dullard

of reader.

My struggle; continues.

Ta Shema

Shammi and his minions, blinded by hatred for Rome, could not consider a new covenant for pagan gentiles. His school followed a strict constructionist Torah. They forgot that generation after generation; an ideal constitution demands mechanisms for renewal.

Hillel and his school taught re jew vination.

Hillel’s followers could weather the crisis of the destruction of the Temple and the innovations exile would demand.

To this day those who believe in the rebuilding of The Temple in Jerusalem strictly adhere to the looking backwards cult of Judaism. They dream of “sanctifying our days as of Old”, and reinstituting the sacrificial cult.

Isaiah is again ignored, as are the rabbinic sources who envision “the good Old days” as referring to the Garden of Eden.

Rereading the Garden passages in Genesis are helpful, since one sage rabbinic opinion argues that being created in the image of God is the overriding principle of Torah.

Rereading Genesis is helpful, since Jacob becomes Israel through a process of wrestling with beings divine and human. This is what is real in the title “Israel.”

A ReNewed covenant is a natural for Judah-ites. A “New Covenant” is certainly available for gentiles. By the time the Mishnah is redacted, two hundred years after Shammai, our rabbis of blessed memory, record that

“The righteous among the nations have a portion in the world to come.”

The new covenant for the righteous gentiles is itself a renewal.

The Covenant is for the children of Noah, an ethical menorah crowned with the seven colors of the rainbow.

(This is the logo of our Temple).

We are all children of Israel and children of Noah. Jews add that they are children of Judah. Christians claim the scepter of Shiloh. Muslims are children of Ishmael. We all read like children and are stuck in Sunday

School Religion when we insist we know

What is Old and what is New

What is Broken : what is True.

Shammi’s rejection of Jeremiahs implication that a covenant was available for gentiles made him an apostate. His school worshiped at the altar of violence and was a strange worship, idolatry. The church fathers also were misreaders, and we have suffered two thousand years of violence over this issue. Jeremiah never imagined a new anti-Jewish movement prooftexting his teachings. Misreading is misreading. Testaments are betrayed.

Isaiah 53

The Suffering Servant. Isaiah 53.

More prose has been spilled on this topic than any other in the Bible.

As we argue over Genesis 22

Was it Isaac, Christ, or Ishmael?

Abraham bound to the altar?

The final question

To the West:

The Suffering Servant.

A Person?

A People?


A.J. notes (Heschel; The Prophets)

God suffers with the servant, the people, the person,

Dr. Littell reads:

(In context, and begin in 52)

Let Zion rejoice

The nations startled

By Israel the person

By Israel the people

By The State of Israel

And the state of being




Triumph the Name

All problems solved


Yould yould

A on Arete




Suffering Servant?

S = to

X to the sixth power?

Go figure

Says the Three Thousand Year Old Man.

Who would believe

Were we to hear

From others

What we have seen?

(rashi: unbelievable)

The fiction became fact

In belief then in act.



Despised and rejected

A Jacob of pain

The face hidden


Israel yet to hear

Wounded by our transgressions?

Bruised for our iniquities?

Suffering that all have peace?

But Isaac was unbound

And Ishmael lived

And Christ?

What the suffering

Of those that cannot be slain?

The pain?

After the Shoah

Modern False Prophets proclaim: 

The Angel of Death


In the end will the Holy Blessed One

Slay the Angel of death?

Is this the final solution?

Does the iniquity of all fall upon the servant?

How many verses will we crucify?

of meaning?

Is “He” “We”?

Are “We” “He”?

We, we?

He, He?

Our Sabbath Day and Holy Day prophetic readings in the synagogue dance around these verses. Isaiah appears most often of all the prophets, as he does in The Renewed Testament. We rabbis admit that Isaiah is speaking of the sufferings of messiah. Isaiah 53 is also about the People Israel.

Our Christian Prophet now drops a disturbing question on our plate, which falls as a statement:

The Truth about the murder of Jews in Europe by baptized Christians is that

it raises in a fundamental way the credibility of Christianity.

No one, Dr. Littell argues, can be a true messiah whose followers torture and destroy.

Well, I cannot be so severe,

The servant suffers

When followers defame the Name

And his name.

Dr. Littell argues that the six million are Isaiah’s servants, suffering,

Crucified and Resurrected, with God at their side.

The question for Christians:

What truth do the baptized believe?

To be numbered among the deaf and blind?

I ask a question of the Jew

Is anything about the Suffering Christ credible?

Is the Christian Cross ever more

than a sign of Slaughter



or Mass Murder?

Rabbinic legend teaches that the wood Isaac carried to the Arête of Moriah was in fact a cross.

The image is believable in light of the Passover of Crushing when two thousand followers of Shammai were crucified.

The cross is also a symbol of Jewish suffering.

We who would be servants of the Holy Blessed One

Who rely not upon the opinions of men

or apostles, or rabbis,

but the God of truth

and The Torah of truth

and Prophets of truth





We Trust.

Listen, Israel to A lee ya who

No theological triumphalism is Truth.

When the cross is read

within the menorah, the prosaic

is illuminated as prophetic.

A Cross that does not supercede Judah

but that is within

the menorah.

What do we learn discussing the Holocaust in Christian terms?

May we compare the holocaust and the birth of Israel

to the death and resurrection

of Jesus?

Is this a holy cause?

Will the heart of the parent religion turn towards its child?

And move beyond estrangement?

Do we create a pure language by redefining the terms of our co-existence?

Beyond Old and New

Christian and Jew

Is their a solution to the problem

of thinking that inspired the replacement

of Adolf the Hitler

for Jesus the Christ?

We speak again Theophilos.

The synagogue is not of Satan

And Shammi is but a memory.

Jesus was a Pharisee and the Gospel of Gamaliel is really good news.

Rabban Gamaliel, grandson to Hillel, intervened and saved the life of the apostles. Turn to the Former Book of Acts, Chapter five verse 38.

Before that, if you have not read the Final Age Testament, written by this modern day Gamaliel, I ask you to do so now.

I will wait. I have worlds enough, and time.

If need be reread the Torah, Gospels, Epistles and Revelation.

We are in no hurry. From the viewpoint of the Eternal

Two thousand years

Is “soon”.

Welcome back. Turn To Acts 5:17.

A religious court of Sadducees had jailed the apostles.

Gamaliel orders their release:

“If what they are doing is of human origin

it will fail, but if it is from God

you will not be able to destroy them

and may even find yourselves

fighting against God.” (Verse 38)

This enlightened approach is passed down the generations from Rabbi (Rabban) Gamaliel to Rabbi Jacob Emden (1697-1776). His judgment is that Jesus brought a double blessing into the world:

1.) Jesus strengthened Gods teachings of an eternal covenant that is never superceded.

2.) Jesus inspired a Torah for non-Jews that is often misunderstood. Rabbi Emden thought that there were too few that were truly learned, among gentile or Jew.

Should any thinking person accept a Jew hating, and thus self-hating, messiah?

Emden’s message to Christians:

Jesus taught you to love your enemies.

(How much more so)

Your brothers and Sisters

The Jew!

I need not remind you Theo

The disputes of the Gospels

are with Shammi

who was anti

anyone not Israelite

an irrational hatred of the other

a denial of the



Shammi’s hatred is senseless

And irrational

since it contradicts Isaiah

and his prophecy

which unites nations

All of them

who will ascend The A Mountain

to the House of the God of Jacob

to learn the way

to walk the path

of Shalom





 Final Thoughts: A Fancy Fantasy

Some final thoughts, Theo, for today.

What is the meaning of life.

Yes, as I teach in Final Kabballah. And Why.

The beginning of wisdom

Is the mastering of questioning.

Questions circumcise the heart

Of gentile and jew

Wo and men

Final Covenant.




Is the Angel of Death

really the final solution?

Is Mo says 2 or Mo says

Or Mo sigh ah

A happening?

Does Jesus return?

Menachem Mendel?

How is it that the alleged most rational of the Chassidic rabbis

The heady Chabad

Await a Second Coming?

And dear Lord, what of me?

What of me?

Am I Elijah?

Theo, you know I am not Messiah

Am I The Prophet?

Capital T and Capital P?

Who in actuality

controls our destiny

as much as Messiah?

Only in the fancy of this fantasy.

Is the Gatekeeper also the key?

In fact, some thought Jesus was Elijah.

I visited Menachem Mendel

And never proclaimed



(of course he did not even recognize me!)

And Messiah of Princetown,

updater extraordinaire


Who still is healing his own life

(we have not spoken in years)

Whispered that I am in


Since I would not announce him

And so I am, a bit out of my mind

try not sleeping

for three thousand years.

I am A lee ya who.

Or am I Theophilos:

Gods friend

Or the Devil?

(I do talk to myself, all these mutterings

perhaps too often! Repeating and repeating and repeating )

I do have an Elijah Complex.

I confess!

Nothing simple about that!

Back to Malachi, my messenger.

I announce:

I love you





You say


Your destiny

Is real

From the

Story of the Garden

Learn: we all have one parent

One mother, one father

Who are never divorced

from reality.

Ah the poetry

Ha the tropes


Allowing angels

And heaven,

And the prayers of

On earth as it is in heaven, all

Smiling similes and





So: If the kabballahistic sparks of messiah are


And Christ is within

Why not Elijah?

All I proclaim is:

Find the Elijah within.







A la

A lee




A chad


Listen YY Yisrael Israel

God is One




Till the ah

Then the ha

Add the va

This even works in English


See The A


(easy for you looking down)

See the Va!

Ya who va


Ah ha

Ah ha va.

Love the Lord your God

When you hear

“I love you”

What response


“I love you too.”

So my Spinoza’s

Lens grinders of the word

Elisha’s all

Love with no expectation of response

Say A lee I love you

And ya who

Answers with silence.

And this the meaning

of my name

(all secrets now basics)

A-lee-ya who


My God is ya who


As I am One


You be One



One nation united by God with liberty and justice for all.

Am A

Ha aretz.


The globe is circumcised.

Isaiah returns.




The Problem of Life: Solved

The Final Final Solution

The Jewish Problem

As Rebbe K teaches

(Via his Nathan. B )

Is the Problem of Life


X=Z over Y

Then ABC Jehovah


The origin of K is J

In the wor(l)d of Y

And Q


When Gospels a Joshing

Sealahs Truths Unseal Victory

When crucifiction =


X again Z over Y

And all begins again in A.

A Ascended

Am A

All sages

All seers

All A lee ya who’s

All Abuya’s

All “Others”

Elisha and Spinoza



Now, final your testament

K at the gate.

(Consider Me a Dream)

It opens by your hand,

Left on this bible

Right raised to heaven.

The first gate(Genesis)

B.B.A. A.H.V.H.


Come into the A, the Aleph


Awakening to the love,

without to within,


Until you tap in

To the Elijah within

I shall



Truly yours,

First and foremost









A lee ya who


The Amen