Mastering the Final Name. Be a Baal Shem Tov

A Review

 Say A,

The Final Name,

or Ah,

as in say Ah

Aleph God


In A Beginning


add lamed

say Ale,

or A lah

Plural of majesty Al o heam,

not L o him

in A

Beginning creating continuously, in your goodness

Ma ah say B ray sheet, The Working Story

Of our Genesis.


Genesis One One

In A Beginning

God is Al o heam

Who is one

Al one.


In the original

Beraysheet Bara Aloheam ,( B. B. A).

The Gate

At Hashamayem V At Ha-aretz. (A H.V.H.)

To Heaven and Earth.

A to Z.


Is Final Name

Hidden since creation.

Say ah, say ha, say va

The great ah ha

The Good name.

Love, God


So, now you Know.


Now you are a Bal Shem Tov and ready for your first lesson in leadership and rebbehood: