Alenu Agonistic A ; Alenu Agnostic A



Is A equal to not A?

What may we really say

about God?


If the Negative is given

(As with rabbi mm and k)

Is the positive merely



Is certainty not idolatry?

I am not sure.


Is it upon Us, Alenu,

To solve the problem of life?


Is the problem the people have with Jews

The problem of life itself?


Are their final solutions?


Alenu, it is we

Singing the song of ascent

Inviting the many peoples

To the A

Of Zion.



So Elijah opens:


Joshua is

The one who will yet save


A Gnostics

The turning of the text

Into a face

Reflecting the image

Of the One whose salvation

Is Ya Who.



Listen O Israel

This is where you really fall on your face

So say:

Heaven on Earth

This day

Our daily bread


Not the bodies of children.


Listen Israel

This the whole of our religion:

We are chosen

We are elected

Not so odd

We are called

To teach

To Rabbi

To serve up the scriptural pie

A yearly feast.

To bake the bread of the Presence

Into our very bodies.

We are the bread

We are the wine

We the cantor

We the teachers





It is upon us

To give life

To sing, and praise

And practice the supreme themes

Of right and wrong

Art and Song

Of Love and God

And imagination.



Knowing not knowing.

Needing not needing.


Rabbi this:

The solution to the Jewish problem

Solves the problem of the meaning of life.

A lee ya who. Elijah reveals:




Alenu AgonisticA


Arise for the Adoration:

More than a pastoral

Every true Israel


An Agonist,

The face of God

The Blessing

Upon Us.

Limping away we yet proclaim

The Struggle.


It is ours.

And the worlds.

In The End

All is real,

From Zion

All proclaimed

We the People

Of the Book

Chosen to teach

Rabbi’s All

Our adoration a proclamation

That since Creation

We are Chosen

As The teaching Nation

Welcoming All

The Am A Ha Aretz

The huddling ignorant masses

To feast on the Tree of Faust

To teach as Theophilos

The Tree of Knowing


The Tree of Living


A Tree of Loving

Of Adoration.







Va.  The Tree of Ah-ha-va

Not like the Tribes of Leviathan

the divided nations.

Not like the ruminations of Behemoth.

creeds and crosses and crescents and stars.

Not the pills of Freud or the nightmares of Jung

Never again Psychology

Says rebbe K to A.


“They bow to vanity and emptiness

And pray to a god that does not save.”


So, flat on our faces

Holy of holies

Struggling  Agon with A



Kabballah this:

The Secret of Isreal

The grasping of Ten

As we teach

Again and again

Two hand clapping




The Blessing of Leadership of the Holy One

Is a True United Nations. The tribes declaring

The Rainbow Covenant.

Yes, Roy G. Biv

Is  Anointed

Or say,  crowned with

the diadem, the Crown, the Unity of

Ahavah, with liberty and justice for all

The Seven Colors of Heaven crowning

The Seven Nations of The Land

That becomes Real when Elijah appears

Announcing Joshua The Third

Leader of the World, free,

More than a Prince

The Amen Sealah.


A True Kabballah A,

An Agon

With numerology and the occult, the sod beneath

The dungheap of history, listen:


Six hundred years ago. O yes, the secret of six

A renegade mystic proved a mistake

Saying “Alenu”  spits upon the salvation

Of Jesus, since in mystician logic

Letters having numerics:


Hebrew for Emptiness= Hebrew for Yashoeah, Jesus

Cogito ergo dumb.


Which is 310 plus six

Christian popcabalists flash John 3:16


The Menachem Mendelers spit when they say “emptiness”

Or is it Jesus? And grind the spittle into the floor since the word

In Hebrew VaReak, sounds like spit.


Censored. Adoration becomes Desecration.


And we bend the knee, and bow

And acknowledge that religion

Of the Prince of Strife

Separates heaven and earth

Shechena is Burkah-ed

So, no heaven on Earth.


Now, on to Alenu and history

The greatest agon


Why have we forsaken Thee?


Joshua One turned the hearts

Of the seven deadly sinner nations

To Noah’s Menorah

Illuminating the way

To Joshua Two; split by the cross

that preaches Peace

while waging war.


The first crusade was

Alenu. Upon us.

We praised the living Lord, our hope

Even as our bodies burned

A scapegoat offering

Washed down with the blood

Of the truly anointed.


Isaac murdered

In the name of emptiness

and the void.


The false gods of religion

Carrying the Crescent and the Cross.

No Tikkun but

Chanting The Adoration.

My family burned to death.


Still we proclaim Torah True

Our Agon is for A


When we remember Zechariah 14:9

A to Z

The punch line:


And it is said:


It shall be

AHVH upon the Land

Is Real.

On that Day


Aliyawho  Elijah


Religion becomes Realigion

A becoming One

The name no longer profaned

The Agon is Y

who is A

who is Ya

Agon agone.



Amen and Amen.



Aleph, which is A

or Death.


Om. Salim. Shalom.