Working the land makes us free?

Who is wise?
The one who learns from everyone.

The Hebrew sounds better:
A za who cha cham?
Me shlomade mekol adam.

So teach our rabbis of blessed memory.

The wise child asks “What are the statutes, the laws, and the ordinances which Ado neigh our God has commanded us? (Deuteronomy 6:20)

This child becomes a Rabbi and is taught all the Laws of the Passover, including the ruling that nothing should be eaten after the afikomen.

I have worked to be a wise son since university and Rabbinic school. Now I want to be the simple one.

A person of the earth.

A person of the land.

An am ha aretz

I am not sure I will ever have the humility of the son so wise as to know they do not know.

I have struck a Faustian bargain, thinking I have achieved the mastery of mystery. By the power of questioning I have attained wisdom.

I have written the final guides for the practice of Judaism and posted them on my Temple website. They are all one needs to practice the statues and Laws and ordinances commanded in the Torah. I have written the Final Kabballah so that everyone may be a sage in the Final Age. I have chosen the quintessential modern and Jew to personify this final age, Franz Kafka. After two thousand years of Jesus we now move into the Kafkan Era.

I.I.I. I know.

If wisdom is the answer why is the world not saved? The power of the question. We do have wisdom. Each tradition has a vision of a better world.

We move through the ten Sepher oat( Sefriot) for our answer. We seek knowledge and understanding, Binaand Daat.

Chabad is wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I am a Chabadnik. The problem is this Chassidic group is in the midst of a misunderstanding. The key word is a crisis of Daat. Since Chabad Lubavitch feel they are the future of Judaism we must clear up this misunderstanding. Daat does not mean religion. When orthodox Jews say in Hebrew or Yiddish that they areDaat e they mean they do their best to follow every jot and tittle of the law.

To be daat e in the Kabballahistic sense means to have a way to save the world by living in realms of wisdom and knowledge. Teaching that the Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson is the Messiah does not lead to salvation. Saying he will return to finish his work forces the group to have compassion for Christians, which is a very good thing, but brings us no closer to creating heaven on earth.

Maybe I do need to start a new religion. Jewish Universalism. I would then still be a J.U. Or I could call the new religion Am Ha arez. The People of the Earth. Righteous.

Rabbi Am Ha Aretz humbly admits that he is still learning how to question.

If the First Principle Teaching of the Torah is that The Lord our God who took us out of Egypt will also take us out of our modern bondage to war and injustice.

We need to know how and when.

What are the modern idolatries that keep us enslaved?

Why do so many who speak in Gods name speak falsely?

Why do we refuse to get it right even one day a week?

Why is the generation gap becoming an abyss?

The Ten Secrets are really Ten Basics.

We question and return to basics.

When will the murdering end?

When will we learn to love?

When will learn how to give?

When will we be witnesses to the truth?

When will learn how to be content?

These ten may be reduced to one:

When will we learn to be one nation on this Earth?

Listen. God is One. Daat, understanding comes when we are one.

This is true religion.

Am Ha aretz. One People on the Earth.

This the only land I want to work.

This work will set me free.

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