What is this all about? This is the question of the “Simple disciple”during the narration of the Passover story at the Seder. The question is asked in all innocence and the simple is sent to the book of Exodus, chapter thirteen. Those that are clueless and have no question are sent to the same chapter. The “wicked disciples” who have a hard time relating to ritual are excluded from redemption. That would be me. I question the order of the Seder, so I am a rabbinic anarchist. Those that consider themselves wise demand we follow their order, and orders, and this I refuse. What else would you expect from the son of Adolf the Jew?

Rebellion led me to the Rabbinate. Adolf demanded it.

I thank all my teachers for making me into a Master. Call me the R.E.A.L. (Rabbi Elijah Aryeh Laurence). I confess to an Elijah complex, praying for prophecy. Aryeh is my name, for I am a father of Judah. Laurence is my pen name as author of the Five Books of Laurence. My Torah also includes Consider Me a Dream, a film biography of my Rabbi, Franz Amschel Kafka.

What does all this mean to you? Books become, once again, a scroll. This is all Torah. In fact this is all the essence of Torah, since Elijah turns the heart of the Father to the Son. Adolf the Jew is the story of that turning. When the son turns to the father the wicked become wise. This is essential for redemption in the family drama and the gap between the religions.

A R.E.A.L. teaches ReAligion.

ReAligion is an ascent to the Arête, and then a descent into the world, the holy ground of the People of the Earth. This begins with the triumph of poetry over prose, the prophetic over the prosaic.

In truth the scroll in front of you transcends Talmud since the inner web I weave spirals like a double helix of information that makes us what we are.

This book, which is a scroll, is different from all other books since it may be read as a multi-storied structure.

Torah is the pursuit of truth building on the collective wisdom of all conversation up to this moment.

The text demands commentary or I shall never be R.E.A.L.