While I have lectured and taught classes on anti-Semitism and the Holocaust I make no claim to being any type of expert. I do not think that I or any writer has the skill to portray the sufferings of the Shoah.

I have heard rumors of a Camp Concentration in the Catskills, (way too many K’s for me) and I hope its existence is a fiction. A Summer Camp devoted to simulating the death camps is way too kitschy, even for American Jews. On the other hand a concentration camp where we teach our children how to focus on the overwhelming questions intrigues. No. Never mind. This is what schools do, right?

I understand that the title of this Kaddish, “Adolph the Jew” is as provocative as a title can be. Good.

As a Kaddish this narrative is to be recited at least once a year.

Blue letter editions are texts that allow you to experience this narrative on a level you choose. If you have never seen a page of Talmud experiencing its presentation of information will inspire you in reading this Kaddish. Click click.

I have linked all my works together:

The Final Age Testament
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Twenty Five To Life

Included is my work as a Rabbi in my Temple since everything I do is interconnected and on the same page, so to speak, all threads in a web. All my writings are one. Talmudic.