Spell check does not recognize Aryeh and suggests Aryan.

The wicked son is back. Call me Aryan. I am the one who bought the Nazi belt buckle to hoist up my Jewish pants, and get my fathers attention

Son, you read Nietzsche. You have a Nietzsche library.

I think you need to go to Jew Watch to see who is observing you as a Jew.

Surf the web on the holocaust and you are fishing in the toilet of folk politics. Check out a Nazi Final Testament by God’s (Bad) Breath Frank Weltner.

The only good news in this bible is that you my son Joseph, who could be the poster child for “Adam’s purest and unadulterated white Northern European flesh”, will survive the coming Holy Wars of Extinction.”

(I think the Rabbis should consider resurrecting the ancient commandments concerning the Amalekites, Their spirit lives on in these websites. All the better to keep an eye on them.)

There is no poetry in this new Nazi bible.

Pious Jews kiss the Bible if it falls to the ground. The Nazi’s have the same reverence for their Bible. I think we need to take all bibles and turn them into flooring, a dark mosaic to walk upon. The kiss is the kiss of death. Break the back of every bible and book and expose the spine.

Why the holocaust?
Genesis 22.
Matthew Mark Luke and John.
Saul who became Paul.
Abrahams submission in the Quran.

God is responsible for the Holocaust.

God the Father who commands the death of his son.

The People of the Earth are a Google Nation

Oogle your googles. Hitler was a Jew. Both google founders are Jews.

Einstein thought it up.

Freud weaves his web.

The Zionists needed a land.

This is all in the bible
not the Jew part ,which is all black and of the devil.

So it all must be true.

Holo kaustos
The burnt offering sacrifice
dedicated to deity.

I don’t think so.

Jewish prayer is modeled on the ancient sacrificial system.

Our firstborn sons were the victims.

Innocent animals were the victims.

The scapegoat was the victim.

The son on the cross is a victim.

The Father who submits is a victim.

The people who pray are victims.

God desires love and kindness

Not sacrifice.

Sacrifice is for those who hate God.

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