My unbinder is Rabbi Edwin R. Friedman.

More than Zalman Schacter Shalomi or David Hartmanor Chiam Brovender or Adin Steinsaltz or Alexander Guttman he taught me how to live in my head, my body, and the world.

Unbound, I proclaim:
The Germans and all Amalekites make themselves irrelevant.

No leaders.
No followers.
The People of the Earth walk together, side by side.
No masters and no disciples,

All are called to rabbi and minister.

My editors and supporters will come forward and receive their free education and donate all that is needed to complete the work.

The Messiah will teach us to find the Messiah within.

The Kingdom of heaven is without and within.

The Kingdom of Heaven is no longer a Kingdom or Queendom

but a Am Ha aretz, The People of the Earth.

(M)Adam from Adama.

All of this is in my Final Age Testament.

It is finished.

Time to begin.