Live in Lion Love

(Against William Blake)

Paradise uprooted.
The Tree grows upside
Down, crown to root.

The Fall
From Heaven.

Eat this Book
Before its rot.

Taste the sweetness of

“Thou Shall Not!

This poem against William Blake might be outdated since we no longer have a book to eat. We do have light that produces the dark images of letters that attempt to satisfy the eye and bring nourishment to the soul.

Eating and reading. Material in, material out. None of this is about me.
I prefer you call me The R.E.A.L. Rabbi Elijah Aryeh Laurence.

Blake did not know the riddle, or the answer, concerning the original teachings on The Tablets. What we find in the scroll was for the People of the Earth, the common folk who danced around the Golden Calf.

Lion love is the love of the parent who teaches what one must not.

Gevurah. These are the teachings on the Second Set of Tablets. This is the Tikkun of Ethics.

The essence of the Revelation and Kabballah on the First Set of Tablets, which were shattered, remains a riddle. One answer to the riddle is in our Final Revelation Logo:

A Mountain

This A Mountain is the distillation of all the Teachings as I understand.

The Final Revelation is also in the form of Ten Questions:

  1. Religion? Realigion.
  2. Politics? A polite yes, since redemption of the am ha aretz, the People of the Earth is based on a vision of One Am (People) on Ha (the) Aretz(Earth.) God says “Listen my struggling children. Be One.”
  3. Psychology? Imagination heaven. The Body Earth. As it is.
  4. Judaism? Upon this Rock The Ism’s: The Christianity’s. The Islam’s. Bahai. Foundations. Then stories.
  5. Spirituality? Docetism. Soul without body. Death.
  6. The Messiah? I announce. She opens the graves to immortality.
  7. Suffering Servant? A, and every person.
  8. Israel? Isreal. All land holy. United. No States. Liberty and Justice for All.
  9. Zionism? Isaiah’s all. War no more.
  10. Sealah? Realigion. No movements. Stillness. No disciples. Rabbi’s All!

Religion turns legend into history. This is why I wrote The Final Age Testament.

We understand the Holocaust no more than we understand the binding of Isaac in Genesis 22. This is my story, and the fact that the ancient Abraham becomes a Modern Adolf, who is my father.

Read Adolf the Jew first if you think you need to know me before you know my works.

I have done all my best thinking in prison, my fortress, my study, and my concentration camp.