I am happy to announce my 40th year as a Rabbi. I have been in the Albany/Saratoga area of New York for over thirty years, serving Conservative congregations until I founded Temple Shabbat Shalom. While doing post graduate Family Therapy training, studying the interfaith phenomena, I came to understand that couples from different religions (including atheists and agnostics) deserved a Rabbi (which simply means “Master Teacher”) as a mentor. Of course, I also serve Jewish/jewish couples.

Our focus is to teach you how to practice in your heart and in your home.  This is also our “hierarchy”; First, God in the heart, then in the home, then in the structures of community.

I also teach a literary approach to religion.

– Rabbi Laurence Aryeh Alpern


Teaching Everyday Spiritual Values to Families 

The mission of Temple Shabbat Shalom is to teach individuals and families the core spiritual values of the Torah (Bible). We will teach you how to bring these values into your everyday life.

Unique Ceremonies

The deeper meaning of The Breaking of the Glass at a wedding ceremony is that each couple is unique. At the end of the ceremony we break the mold.  You are unique as a couple and Rabbi Alpern will guide you through a process of creating home ritual. If you’re looking for a network of couples sharing ideas, who want to stay in touch after the ceremony, then kindly call me today. Contact Rabbi Alpern to help guide you through your upcoming celebrations like baby namingBar/t Mitzvahs, etc.

Download Temple Shabbat Shalom Wedding Worksheets.

So how are we unique? We want a relationship after your big event. I’d like you to meet my mentor where I explain our mission at Temple Shabbat Shalom.

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Recent Posts From Rabbi Laurence’s Blog

Daily Devotion

 A Guide to Daily Devotion     1.) This is an event poem, which means I am not teaching about devotion, I am offering an act, an event of devotion. Behind bars you have time to be devoted to daily prayer and meditation. The rabbinic habit of study now opens...

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Summer Reading

  Four quotes for discussing before beginning Rabbi A.L.P.E.R.N. Seders   (Amos 5:21-24) I hate, despise, your feasts and festivals, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies. If you offer burnt offerings and meal offerings I will not accept them. I pay no...

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KABBALLAHWALKY The Final Age® twill be perceived By those Ascending Mountain A With whimsy is the Word rephrased The Fathers are outraged! Beware the Ologies my peers Religions bind and dogmas klatch Beware the Funde Mental Bird and shun The Frumious soul savers...

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Quest ion ings

QUEST ION INGS: THE GRAIL AND THE TABLETS OF TIKKUN     (A Real Final Solution)     The Grail is found in the quest of Ascending the A Mountain.   The Ark of the Covenant is found within.   The Riddle of the Ages?   “It has been taught:  The First Five...

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10 Words

Ten Words to Heal the World   The most basic and concrete introduction to Kabballah and Universal spirituality are taught in this workshop. Call (518 )893-0808 QUEST ION INGS: THE GRAIL AND THE TABLETS OF TIKKUN     A Real Final Solution     The...

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Attica Attica: 2020

Attica Attica 2020: A.K.A. Confessions of a Prison Rabbi    "Attica is every prison and every prison is Attica."         I begin with the provocative to inspire a response. This is no sermon. Let the discussion begin.     A Ten Point...

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Very Rabbi

The Se(A)lah Bible Se(A)lah, samech, lamed hay in Hebrew is said to be untranslatable. One finds the term in the Psalms, the Book of Habakkuk and the See-doer, the Hebrew prayer book. Se(A)lah means: stop and listen, pause and reflect. Se(A)lah is an instruction to...

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Sealah Devotional Bible

Sealah Devotional Bible Concise Conversational Commentary. Weekly readings. Book by Book. Genesis to Revelation. Each and every year. Torah to be Discussed Orally Rabbi  Ari.a Alpern   (Feel free to leap to the Karen Armstrong Quote)     A High-Toned Old...

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A Rabbi’s Devotional Reading of The Quran.

A Devar Jonah Conversation Ari.A Alpern (This version is set up to start a conversation) A salam Ah laykum.  Shalom A lay chem, Peace be Upon You. And upon you Peace. Welcome to our devotional conversation on the Quran. We will read and recite together, from “The...

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Upside Down and Inside Out: Inscrolling The Megillah of Esther  Congregation Devar Jonah  A Seder: A Seder? For Purim? Anyway, like the drunk who is sober only on Purim we must first discuss the serious elements of the holiday, or should I say holyday. At first glance...

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A Poet’s Passover 2016

 Passover Seder (A Supplement) Rabbi Laurence A. Alpern Before beginning. This is a very short and open ended Passover supplement. It may be done in less than one half an hour. This Seder has ten reader leaders so you will have to divide up accordingly if you are less...

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Seder Shabbat Shalom

Shalom. This Seder is the order for a home service to welcome the Sabbath. The phrase “Shabbat Shalom” expresses the essence and uniqueness of our tradition. Shalom means greetings and Peace. A wonderful Peace is experienced when we transform our dining room table...

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Bar Mitzvah Boy Syndrome

Bar Mitzvah Boy Syndrome? Yes.Time To Grow Up   Time magazine the late spring of 2011 asks: Sex, Lies, and Arrogance: What Makes Powerful Men Behave So Badly? Why is it that the higher one rises in a power hierarchy the more likely they are to commit indiscretions?...

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Beyond Sunday School

Beyond Sunday School: A Call to the Children of Israel.  If you, like many, stopped your spiritual education at age 13 or 12, you may see the world like an adolescent. Similar to The High Priest Aaron, of blessed memory, modern rabbis are not able to prevent the dance...

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My Dream

My “I Have a Dream Speech”  of Shabbat Shalom ( In memory of Rabbi Edwin H. Friedman ) Rabbi Friedman of blessed memory is my main rabbinic mentor. In his final book, A Failure of Nerve, the good rabbi challenges each of us to have our own “I have a dream speech.”...

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Be a Baal Shem Tov

A:  Mastering the Final Name. Be a Baal Shem Tov A Review  Say A, The Final Name, or Ah, as in say Ah Aleph God   In A Beginning   add lamed say Ale, or A lah Plural of majesty Al o heam, not L o him in A Beginning creating continuously, in your goodness Ma ah say B...

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Supreme Fiction

On Reading Wallace Stevens with Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary  Poetic allusion must be "recognizable not only to a coterie of poets and gentlemen scholars, but to a whole culture as well." John Hollander   My diction is ary Sitting pretty upon this Arête I...

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