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If you’re ready to live your spiritual life outside of a building, you’ve come to the right place.   Temple Shabbat Shalom   



I am happy to announce my 39th year as a Rabbi. I have been in the Albany/Saratoga area of New York for over thirty years, serving Conservative congregations until I founded Temple Shabbat Shalom. While doing post graduate Family Therapy training, studying the interfaith phenomena, I came to understand that couples from different religions (including atheists and agnostics) deserved a Rabbi (which simply means “Master Teacher”) as a mentor.

I founded Temple Shabbat Shalom so that interfaith couples could have a Rabbi (from Innerfaith to Interfaith). We then grew to be one of the larger Temple networks in the country. Our focus is to teach you how to practice in your heart and in your home.  This is also our “hierarchy”; First, God in the heart, then in the home, then in the structures of community.

– Rabbi Laurence Aryeh Alpern


Teaching Everyday Spiritual Values to Families 

The mission of Temple Shabbat Shalom is to teach individuals and families the core spiritual values of the Torah (Bible). Nowadays, religion centers around the church and synagogue but we want to help people live their spirituality outside of the church and synagogue walls. We will teach you how to bring these values into your everyday life with your family.

Unique Ceremonies

The deeper meaning of The Breaking of the Glass at a wedding ceremony is that each couple is unique. At the end of the ceremony we break the mold.  You are unique as a couple and Rabbi Alpern will guide you through a process of creating home ritual. If you’re looking for a network of couples sharing ideas, who want to stay in touch after the ceremony, then kindly call me today. Contact Rabbi Alpern to help guide you through your upcoming celebrations like baby namingBar/t Mitzvahs, and of course, weddings.

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